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How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home

Making crafts by taking advantage of recycled materials is a great way to make your own creations and even decorate your home without having to invest a lot of money. Many items we have at home can be reused to build a whole host of tools, so think before you throw something out if you can give it a new use. To give you some ideas, at OneHowTo, we have prepared this article on how to make recycled crafts that you can easily do by yourself at home. Take note!

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  1. Shelf with fruit boxes
  2. Pallet table
  3. Tin can garden lights
  4. Button Coasters
  5. Racket mirrors
  6. Glass bottle candle holders
  7. Children's toys with clothes pegs
  8. Shoeboxes
  9. Make newspaper crafts at home

Shelf with fruit boxes

Vintage is fashionable! And if you're looking for a simple and inexpensive way to give a retro feel to any room in your home, there is nothing better than making the most of typical wooden fruit boxes to build beautiful and practical shelves. This craft from recycled material is very easy to make. You just have to sand down the wooden box and leave it in its original colour or, if you prefer, paint it in the colour you like most. You can hang them anywhere you want and use them for placing books, figurines, picture frames... or even use them as a magazine rack or shoe rack.

If you want to discover other options for recycling these types of boxes, do not miss the incredible options that we give you in the article How to make crafts with fruit boxes.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Shelf with fruit boxes

Pallet table

Continuing with the theme of building furniture with recycled material, there is no doubt that those we can create with pallets are fashionable. With these materials, you may get furniture which is quite hard wearing and that can also be enjoyed comfortably and bring a vintage or rustic touch to your home.

In this case, we will show a coffee table made with pallets which is ideal for placing in front of your sofa and being able to leave whatever you want on it. You can sand down and varnish the pallets and they're ready, or paint the table in the colour that best matches the other furniture in your living room or dining room.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Pallet table
Image: palletsideas.com

Tin can garden lights

Here is a craft made from recycled material which is ideal for illuminating your garden in summer. When the warm weather arrives and we have a garden or a terrace, we like to enjoy the coolness of the evening there while reading a book or chatting animatedly with family and / or friends, but, so the place is more welcoming and cosy, it's possible that you need some soft lighting.

And if you want to get it without spending money, these garden lights made from recycled tin cans are a great option. You only have to collect different sized tin cans that you have at home and start making this craft following all the steps that we show you in the article How to make tin can garden lights. Go ahead and get to work!

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Tin can garden lights
Image: manualidades.facilisimo.com

Button Coasters

Coasters are very useful to prevent the surface of our table getting scratched, something which can occur frequently if you usually have guests at home for dinner or drinks. Now you can create your own coasters and although it is possible to make them with many materials (cork, CDs, fabric, magazines...), in this case we suggest a more original alternative: coasters with coloured buttons. As you can see in the picture, you can create different models, some more complex than others, and so you know how to make each one, see the article How to make coasters with buttons.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Button Coasters

Racket mirrors

Mirrors are very commonly used decorative elements, especially in those smaller rooms as they make the space seem bigger and lighter. However, if the classic mirror designs do not convince you and what you want is something much more creative and modern, do not worry! At OneHowTo, we show you how to convert an old tennis racket into a surprising mirror that you can hang on the wall of any room or corner of your home. Do you want to know how to prepare this craft with recycled material? So do not miss the article on How to make racket mirrors.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Racket mirrors
Image: This charming home

Glass bottle candle holders

If you like candles and whenever you can you take the chance to buy some to give warmth to your home or provide a pleasant aroma, there is no longer any need to invest more money in candle holders. With recycled glass bottles, whether they are glasses, yogurt pots or bottles, and a little imagination, you can make original candle holders adapted to the style you want. You just have to decorate them to your liking. At OneHowTo, we show you ideas to decorate using glass.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Glass bottle candle holders

Children's toys with clothes pegs

Recycle those clothes pegs that have broken into pieces and are left in two parts to create fun crafts for kids with them. In the following articles you can see how to make a butterfly with a peg and how to make a plane with a peg. It is a perfect opportunity to have some fun with the young ones in the house and allow them to have fun while developing their imagination and creativity.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Children's toys with clothes pegs


Another typical household item that can easily be turned into a craft are shoeboxes. With these you can create toys for kids but also make a recharge station for your phones and laptops, jewelry organizers and even wall art!

Read this OneHowto article if you'd like to know How to make crafts out of Shoe Boxes!

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Shoeboxes

Make newspaper crafts at home

It may seem surprising, but old newspapers can be a very useful material to decorate around your home. From Christmas decorations to creative newspaper clocks, there are many uses that we can give to this material. You can find out how to make them in our article how to make crafts with newspaper.

How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home - Make newspaper crafts at home

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How To Make Recycled Crafts At Home