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What is My Guardian Angel According to Birth Date?

What is My Guardian Angel According to Birth Date?

From Judaism to Zoroastrianism and beyond, guardian angels are a staple of many religions. They are spirits which are believed to look after us as individuals in our day-to-day activities. Sometimes they may seem more needed than others. You don't even have to consider yourself religious to believe in guardian angels. Many people simply like the idea of being cared for by a spirit outside the material world and want to put a name to it.

For this reason, oneHOWTO helps you answer the question what is my guardian angel according to birth date? We provide a list of guardian angels which will fall under certain dates which you can cross reference with your birthday.

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  1. What is a guardian angel?
  2. Guardian angels according to your date of birth
  3. What is my archangel according to the day of the week I was born?

What is a guardian angel?

Guardian angels are present in many religious and spiritualist traditions. They are one of the most complex concepts in spirituality as the role that guardian angels are said to play in our lives can be difficult to define. This is why it is important to know what or who a guardian angel is, in order to understand how they may influence our lives. The following is what spiritualists believe a bout guardian angels.

A guardian angel is a supernatural entity that guards and cares for an individual from the moment of conception, all the way until eternity after material life ends. These supernatural beings do not come into existence the moment the baby is conceived, but have existed since the beginning of time and will continue to exist for eternity.

The meaning of their life is to protect all those people who have been entrusted to them, thanks to their supernatural ability to care. These guardian angels are spiritual beings that do not have a corporeal body. Therefore, are not subject to the restrictions of materiality. However, it is said that guardian angels can take corporeal form, when necessary.

As a result, a guardian angel is a faithful guardian that you can fully trust, since it has been created solely to watch over you. A guardian angel serves as company not only during the years we spend on Earth, but also later in the spiritual world of eternity.

Some people claim they have been able to notice the connection with their guardian angel in a more direct way, but that this sensation has disappeared. They may want to reassert this feeling of connection by finding out more about them.

Guardian angels according to your date of birth

Do you want to know your guardian angel according to your date of birth? The guardian angel is believed to be the bridge that we have in the tangible world to connect with the energies of the universe. It is a defender that accompanies us in our daily lives, from the moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep.

There are 72 guardian angels and your corresponding name will be determined by the date you were born. Each one of them has been ascribed different qualities:

  • January 1 and 5: Nemamiah

  • January 6 and 10: Yeialel

  • January 11 and 15: Harael

  • January 16 and 20: Mitzrael

  • January 21 and 25: Umabel

  • January 26 and 30: Iah Hel

  • January 31 and February 4: Anauel

  • February 5 and 9: Mehiel

  • February 10 and 14: Damabiah

  • February 15 and 19: Manakel

  • February 20 and 24: Eyael

  • February 25 and 29: Habuhiah

  • March 1 and 5: Rahel

  • March 6 and 10: Jabamiah

  • March 11 and 15: Haiaiel

  • March 16-20: Mumiah

  • March 21 and 25: Vehuiah

  • March 26 and 30: Jeliel

  • March 31 and April 4: Sitael

  • April 5 and 9: Elemiah

  • April 10 and 14: Mahasiah

  • April 15 and 20: Lelahel

  • April 21 and 26: Achaiah

  • April 27 and 30: Cafetel

  • May 1 and 5: Haziel

  • May 6 and 10: Aladiah

  • May 11 and 15: Lauvuel

  • May 16 and 21: Hahaiah

  • May 22 and 26: Yezalel

  • May 27 and 31: Mebahel

  • June 1 and 5: Hariel

  • June 6 and 10: Hekamiah

  • June 11 and 15: Luaviah

  • June 16 and 21: Caliel

  • June 22 and 26: Leuviah

  • June 27 and July 1: Pahaliah

  • July 2 and 6: Nelchaël

  • July 7 and 11: Yeiayel

  • July 12 and 16: Melahel

  • July 17 and 23: Haheuiah

  • July 24 and 27: Nithaiah

  • July 28 and August 1: Haaiah

  • August 2 and 6: Yeratel

  • August 7 and 12: Seheiah

  • August 13 and 17: Reiyel

  • August 18 and 23: Omael

  • August 24 and 28: Lecabel

  • August 29 and September 2: Vasariah

  • September 3 and 7: Yehuiah

  • September 8 and 12: Lehahiah

  • September 13 and 17: Chavaquiah

  • September 18 and 23: Menadel

  • September 24 and 28: Aniel

  • September 29 and October 3: Haamiah

  • October 4 and 8: Rehael

  • October 9 and 13: Ieiazel

  • October 14 and 18: Hahahel

  • October 19 and 23: Michael

  • October 24 and 28: Veuliah

  • October 29 and November 2: Yelaiah

  • November 3 and 7: Sehaliah

  • November 8 and 12: Ariel

  • November 13 and 17: Asaliah

  • November 18 and 22: Michael

  • November 23 and 27: Vehuel

  • November 28 and December 2: Daniel

  • December 3 and 7: Hahasiah

  • December 8 and 12: Imamiah

  • December 13 and 16: Nanael

  • December 17 and 21: Nithael

  • December 22 and 26: Mebahiah

  • December 27 and 31: Poyel

What is my archangel according to the day of the week I was born?

In the classification of angels, the archangels are entities superior to the angels that supervise all the actions that occur on earth. However, their great power means they are said to act only in those situations that are strictly necessary. Therefore, these supernatural beings accompany you in the decisive moments of your existence, rather than more quotidian experiences.

You will be able to know who your archangel is depending on the day of the week in which you were born and knowing their personality will signify what it is they may have influenced in your life up to this point. This is why we provide the list of archangels according to birthday and their main characteristics:

  • Monday: Archangel Jophiel, the being of enlightenment and wisdom.

  • Tuesday: Archangel Chamuel, the being of love and freedom.

  • Wednesday: Archangel Gabriel, the being of purity, ascension and resurrection.

  • Thursday: Archangel Raphael, the being of healing, consecration, concentration and truth.

  • Friday: Archangel Uriel, the being of perfection and spirituality.

  • Saturday: Archangel Zadkiel, the being of purification.

  • Sunday: Archangel Michael, the being of protection, strength, faith and power.

Now you know who your guardian angel is according to your date of birth, you can find information about their specific characteristics so that they can help you in your day to day life. Some people go to a clairvoyant or tarot reader to help them feel more spiritual. Others seek out religion. Others still are happy with the belief that an angel is caring for them and feel no need to take it further.

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What is My Guardian Angel According to Birth Date?