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How to Make Crafts Out of Tin Cans

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Crafts Out of Tin Cans

Here are some simple ideas for making crafts with cans you have at home. Doing so will make a difference to the world, through contributing to protecting the environment. On top of this, you'll have a great time breathing new life into items that were heading for the rubbish bin. Believe it or not, these containers are very versatile and can be used in many different ways and for decorations. In this OneHowTo.com article, we explain how to make crafts out of tin cans.

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We start with the simplest idea to make crafts out of tin cans, which is creating multipurpose containers. To start, you'll need to clean them well and remove all traces of dirt and old paper labels. Then paint the inside of them white with spray paint and then choose some wrapping paper that you like, or a newspaper, and create a nice collage. This will then be used to cover each can so that they can be reused as a decorative object or pen holder. Stick it with white glue, as it will stick better to the tin and won't create any lumps.

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Another very nice and interesting way to recycle cans is to use them to make lanterns for the terrace. First find cans of various sizes, thoroughly clean them and then paint each of them in different colors. Once the cans are dry, pierce the cans to leave light through the gaps. Next, place candles with their candle holders to create a nice colorful atmosphere in your garden. You can put these lanterns on a table or hang them on the wall of your house. For details, see the article on How to make a candle holder out of a tin can.

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Our next idea on using cans to make crafts is very easy to do and all you need are a few cans of soda and painting. Transform those cans into unique plant pots to decorate any part of your home. Gather cans of different sizes - there's no need to take off the ring and clean everything well. Next, squeeze some to give it a curved shape, giving it that extra unique touch. Then, paint each can in white, leave to dry and decorate in your favorite colors and designs! You now have some super stylish vases.

How to Make Crafts Out of Tin Cans - Step 3

If you have various can in different sizes, you can assemble them and create a very useful portable cutlery holder Take 6 cans to store different types of cutlery, clean all containers and paint them in the color of your choice. Next, use little pieces of cardboard to put labels on them to identify the different cutlery. Finally, get a flat wooden surface, paint it in the same color and stick each can to this to keep all the cutlery together. When all the cans are together, add a handle to be able to move the cutler. For this, you could use a leather handle from some old bag.

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The last idea we have for making crafts with tin cans is to convert them into a personal can for your cutlery and napkins. Aside from cleaning it well, you should paint the inside with white paint and cover the outside with a paper of your choosing. After this, create labels with your name and the name of your family members to then stick onto each can. This gives you a totally unique place to store everything you use to eat for your own personal use.

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How to Make Crafts Out of Tin Cans