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How to make button coasters

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to make button coasters

One of the latest and most fashionable handcrafts is to make your own coasters, you can make them with many waste materials such as beer caps, CDs and even buttons. Next, we're going to give you some good ideas so you can make original coasters with buttons and the steps you'll need to follow. Pay close attention!

You'll need:

  • 81 buttons with for holes each
  • Sewing string in three different colors
  • Needle (make sure that it fits throught the button holes)
  • Scissors

Steps to follow:


The first thing you need to do is to display the buttons to know how many you need. Next, cut the double of string than what one side of the button coaster measures.

After, start making a knot on the first button and follow the next step.

How to make button coasters - Step 1

Tie the two first buttons together so the hole with the knot is on the top right part of the button. Thread the needle through any of the holes in the button next to it (but after, place it in such a way that the holes align like you can see in the image). Go through the hole in the first button once more and thread the needle through the same hole on the second button to secure it. The buttons must be tense and must not move.

How to make button coasters - Step 2

Next, thread the needle through the second right hole of the second button and any of the holes in the third button. In the image you can see how the process is done, it's not complicated. Align the lines of buttons.

With a different colored string, start from threading from the bottom right part of the chains, sew the first row of buttons in the same way you have sewn the previous. When you get to the ends, turn and keep on threading the second row of holes (still on the first row of buttons) as you did before.

How to make button coasters - Step 3

Change the colors of the string whenever you want, start each successive button line. (My sequence of colors was: 2 turquoise, 1 green, 1 turquoise, 3 green, 2 turquoise). Be careful not to get a string trapped in the buttons, this phase will require a bit of patience.

How to make button coasters - Step 4

This is how you need to tie the string at the end of each row of buttons: First of all, the string through the two holes left in the last button twice, ending with the needle on the rear part of the coaster. Turn the coaster and thread the needle through one of the knots on the back part of the button.

How to make button coasters - Step 5

Here you have an easier idea to make button coasters, you'll see in this case it's easier and you only have to use a bit of strong glue.

How to make button coasters - Step 6

And one last idea, use a cardboard sheet and stick the buttons on top. You'll see that all the ideas are very original and easy to make. So go for it!

How to make button coasters - Step 7

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  • We advise you to be patient as it's an easy craft to make but it will take some time.
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How to make button coasters