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How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts

Have you finished your perfume and you feel guilty about throwing the bottle away? Have you accumulated several at home and you do not know what to do with them? Do not worry! Here at OneHowTo, we specialize in giving new uses to everyday objects such as buttons, wine corks and vynil records.

Decoration using recycled materials is very original and especially economic. We can give a unique touch to our home with very little money.

That is why in this article we want to offer some DIY alternatives on how to recycle perfume bottles. You are bound to love it!

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  1. Perfume bottles as jars or vases
  2. Flowers or terrariums
  3. Mikado Freshener
  4. Decorative bottles

Perfume bottles as jars or vases

One of the simplest ideas for reusing perfume bottles is using them as jars or vases. You just have to remove the cap and spray mechanism and use the bottle for some flowers that you like.

If you prefer, you can also put in a corsage of dried flowers without water, which obviously will endure much longer and will also look beautiful.

How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts - Perfume bottles as jars or vases
Image: Pinterest

Flowers or terrariums

Similar to the previous option, this consist of reusing the glass container for flowers or even creating a kind of terrarium with rocks or sand and any type of plant. The easiest is to use artificial flowers that do not require any care and can even be immersed in water if we want to give a creative touch. You will need the help of long forceps to make it easier to introduce elements like flowers and branches.

How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts - Flowers or terrariums
Image: manualidades.facilisimo.com

Mikado Freshener

Do you love making your house smell nice? Take advantage of your perfume bottles to create beautiful and economic mikado fresheners from which the odor emanates naturally. So, besides the perfume bottle, you need:

  • Bamboo sticks
  • Alcohol
  • Water
  • Your chosen essential oil fragrance

You must prepare the aromatic blend by diluting the alcohol with two parts water and one part essential oil adding as much as you like depending on the intensity you want. Note that some people use natural elements such as citrus peels or herbs.

Pour the liquid inside the bottle -you can use a small funnel to make the task easier - and introduces bamboo sticks; these are the same as those used for making kebabs, so we recommend cutting off the tip beforehand if they have been sharpened.

Remember that as the days go by, you should turn the sticks to coat them and give off the chosen scent.

How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts - Mikado Freshener
Image: reciclagemnomeioambiente.com.br

Decorative bottles

You can also give a new purely decorative use to your empy perfum bottles and all you need is your imagination. You can choose to paint the bottles with glass paints or give them a new look by pasting bright elements such as beads, sequins, etc. Likewise, you can also add lace or fabric ribbons for a more sophisticated and elegant touch.

Choose a shade that combines with the decor in the room in which you will place these decorative jars.

How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts - Decorative bottles
Image: littlemisscelebration.com

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Image: Pinterest
Image: manualidades.facilisimo.com
Image: reciclagemnomeioambiente.com.br
Image: littlemisscelebration.com
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How To Recycle Perfume Bottles - DIY Crafts