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How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: February 20, 2017
How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes
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Shoeboxes can become truly useful when it comes to crafting. Perfect for storing things and making cool creations, there is no doubt that if you like crafting these are your best friend. Have some on hand but don't know how to use them? At oneHOWTO we help you with some ideas on how to make crafts out of shoe boxes to have fun and recycle this material.

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  3. Use them as a recharge station
  4. Earring organiser
  5. Fill them and use them for storage
  6. Dollhouse
  7. Wall Art
  8. Face towel organizer
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Cardboard musical instruments

If there are child music lovers in the house then there is no doubt that you should try this idea to recycle shoeboxes that you will love. Thanks to their shape and material, these are ideal for making a cardboard guitar with rubber bands and toilet paper rolls that serve as the neck of the instrument.

Clearly it won't sound like a real guitar, but there is no doubt that the little ones will be entertained by this craft that practically will not cost any money.

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Cardboard musical instruments
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If you want to use shoe boxes for a creative project that amuses children, then reuse them and turn them into dioramas to decorate their bedroom or to create a school project, the theme is their choice, for example, how about this toy fish tank?. Here kids can have a great time drawing the sea floor and each of the fish that inhabit the aquarium, then hang it up using transparent thread.

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Dioramas
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Use them as a recharge station

Were you thinking of a more practical way to use them that is suitable for adults? At OneHowTo.com we also have these options, and there is nothing better than reusing shoeboxes as a recharge station to hide the pile of cables that are always connected to the power strips. If you simply hate to see both the strip and the many connectors, you can be inspired and make your own cable organizer. There are many other boxes you can use to make crafts too.

Great idea right?

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Use them as a recharge station
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Earring organiser

Another much simpler option to recycle shoe boxes is to create your own earring organiser. Just line the bottom of the box nicely and poke small holes for hanging earrings, so you have a great and useful tool for very little money.

And if you would rather save necklaces or bracelets, you can use the box horizontally and divide it into four parts with sheets of cardboard or wood, so you will have four compartments to store all your accessories.

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Earring organiser

Fill them and use them for storage

We could not miss the classic way to reuse cardboard boxes! Fill them with something you find useful and use them to store all sorts of things: tools, small utensils, household items and accessories. A classic form of storage that is very economical.

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Fill them and use them for storage


Your children can also enjoy creating their own dollhouse with shoeboxes. Use the top to cut up the room sepatators and stories, paint the rooms and create small-sized cardboard furniture for their dolls, they'll love it! You can even use several shoeboxes to create an even bigger house!

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Dollhouse
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Wall Art

Do your home walls look empty and boring? Use the tops of the shoeboxes as canvases you'll be able to hang on your wall. The safest bet is to create a geometrical pattern. You can also turn the tops around, paint them and use them as original photo frames too!

Don't know what to do with the actual boxes? You can also paint them and use them as shelves. But be careful not to put too many things on it as it will be pretty frail!

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Wall Art

Face towel organizer

You know how annoying it is when you don't stop finding dirty towels around the bathroom right? If this is the case, then you will need a face towel organizer, and there's nothing more chic and eco-friendly than making one out of shoe boxes.

Just line the box with some string so that all its sides are covered, stick well and line the inside with any piece of loose material. It's an easy trick to reuse shoeboxes.

How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes - Face towel organizer

Other crafts and ideas

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How to Make Crafts out of Shoe Boxes