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How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard

A cube is a polyhedron with six square faces. Thus, one cube is also a hexahedron as it has six faces. This shape is incredibly versatile and it is useful to know how to create your own quickly. If you need to learn how to make a cardboard cube for a school project or want to create your very own dice, at oneHOWTO we will give you an easy, printable step by step guide.

You'll need:

  • Template (or if you don't have a printer: pencil, eraser and ruler to draw the template)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Paper, cardboard or paper-board
  • Colored pens
  • Decorations of your choice
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Steps to follow:


Copy this template of the cube on your choice of material, whether it be paper, cardboard or paper-board. Make sure all sides of each square are the same size, as well as making the flaps more or less similar. Consistency and correct measurements are key here.We have used thick black lines so that we can more easily show you what to do as a guide, but you don't need to use them if you don't want to when making your own.

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard - Step 1

Cut out the cube template with scissors. This is the most convenient method. However, you could also use a cutter on a specifically designed cutting board to ensure your surface doesn't get damaged. When working with blades of any kind you must ensure safety. Do not allow a child to use a blade.

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard - Step 2

Fold along all lines of the template. Try mounting the cube before applying any glue to be sure that each tab fits in and the template has been measured and cut accurately.

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard - Step 3

Put glue on one of the tabs and paste it into place. Press it with your fingers so that it is well attached. Do the same with the others. You will be able to use a solvent free glue stick like the one below. This glue is safe to use for kids.

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard - Step 4

Then you have made your cube! You can color it in if you like. If you're doing this activity with children, they can color the cube before gluing it together in their favorite colors or patterns. Otherwise, take your chosen decorations (like ribbon or patterned sellotape) and cover your box as you wish.

How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard - Step 5

With this simple tutorial, you can make many things that require this shape, like an original dice. If you need to change the measurements it's as easy as learning how to calculate the volume of a cube. Have fun with it! Be creative!


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  • If you are not a good drawer copy the template image and paste it into a word document. Make it as big as you want and then print.
  • You can make your cube with colored card. Choose the color you like!
  • We recommend that before you start putting on the glue, try to put it together to ensure it will fit. Once you are sure it will all fit together start putting glue on the tabs and pasting them. Do this on all tabs.
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How to Make a Cube out of Cardboard