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What Are All of the Minion Names?

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: April 25, 2023
What Are All of the Minion Names?
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Minions are beloved characters known for their playful, adventurous, and zany personalities. Despite their unintelligible language, they have captured the hearts of both young and old audiences alike. Originally introduced in the "Despicable Me" movies as loyal henchmen to the lovable villain, Gru, some Minions eventually set out on their own to find a new boss to serve.

This article from oneHOWTO presents a comprehensive list of all the Minion characters.

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  1. What are Minions?
  2. Bob
  3. Kevin
  4. Stuart
  5. Dave
  6. Tim
  7. Jerry
  8. Mel
  9. Other Minion names
  10. Other Minion characters
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What are Minions?

The Minions are small, yellow creatures known for their mischievous and comedic antics. They have a unique and somewhat complicated relationship with villains, as they are primarily created to serve and assist these evil masterminds in carrying out their nefarious plans.

The Minions are loyal to their villainous bosses, but they also have a sense of individuality and a desire for adventure that can sometimes conflict with their duties. This can lead them to seek out new villains to serve when their previous boss is no longer in the picture. Despite their seemingly sinister purpose, the Minions have won the hearts of many with their humor and lovable personalities.

They have previously worked for Gru, assisting him in his wicked schemes. However, when they are left without a leader, they set out to find a new villain to serve. In doing so, they discover Scarlett Overkill, who becomes their new boss and the face of evil they must assist.

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What Are All of the Minion Names? - What are Minions?
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Bob is widely considered the most adorable of all the Minions, largely due to his small size. He is often seen with his companion, Tim the Bear, and finds joy in everything he does, seeing the world as a wonderful and friendly place. Bob's childlike personality endears him to others, and he is regularly referred to as the "youngest brother" of the Minions.

What Are All of the Minion Names? - Bob
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Kevin is the tallest of the three Minions who embark on a quest to discover new villains for their community. In addition to his height, Kevin is also known for his remarkable bravery and courage, making him the de facto leader of the trio. His main goal is to find a new villain for all the Minions to honor and serve.

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What Are All of the Minion Names? - Kevin
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Stuart stands out among the three Minions as the only one with a single eye. He is known for his humor, craziness, and love of fun, often disregarding rules in favor of enjoying life. Stuart is also famous for his insatiable appetite, willing to consume all the bananas in the world and even his fellow Minions, Bob and Kevin, to satisfy his hunger.

What Are All of the Minion Names? - Stuart
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Dave, although not featured as a primary character in the latest Minions adventure, plays an important role in the 'Despicable Me' movie series. In the sequel, he teams up with Stuart and dresses up as an Evil Minion. Dave is known for his love of ice cream and video games.

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What Are All of the Minion Names? - Dave
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Tim is another tall, two-eyed Minion, with a distinctive gap between his teeth. He enjoys dressing up, particularly as a father figure.

What Are All of the Minion Names? - Tim
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Jerry is Stuart's best friend, and he has two eyes and short, spiky hair. He is one of the more mischievous and playful Minions but is known for being easily confused. In "Despicable Me 2," Jerry is seen with a buzz cut. His trademark exclamation, "WHAAA!," has become a popular internet meme.

What Are All of the Minion Names? - Jerry


Mel is a new addition to "Despicable Me 3" following the departure of Kevin, Stuart, and Bob in their own spin-off film. Mel is a big fan of crime and takes charge of the remaining Minions at Gru's house, organizing them to carry out their own mischievous schemes since Gru has retired from his villainous ways. One of Mel's distinguishing features is the hair that sprouts from the sides of his head.

What Are All of the Minion Names? - Mel
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Other Minion names

While there are hundreds of Minions, here are some additional names of these beloved characters:

  • Carl
  • Phil
  • Steve
  • Norbert
  • Mike
  • Mark
  • Chris
  • Tom
  • Lance
  • Ken
  • Donny
  • Larry
  • Josh
  • John
  • Jorge
  • Darwin

It's worth noting that some of these Minions are more prominent than others, with some featuring more heavily in the movies and spin-off shows.

What Are All of the Minion Names? - Other Minion names
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Other Minion characters

As a fan of the Minions, you're probably familiar with Gru, Dr. Nefario, and the three girls Margo, Edith, and Agnes. However, there are many other characters who play important roles in the lives of these beloved yellow creatures.

In the latest film, "Minions," there are several characters who accompany them on their adventures:

  • Scarlet Overkill: The first female villain in history, Scarlet is truly wicked. To win her approval, the Minions must help her steal Queen Elizabeth's crown. Failing this, she will have them killed. This task is full of challenges, adventures, and of course, lots of laughs.

  • Herb Overkill: The husband and ally of Scarlet, Herb is also her deputy, tasked with keeping the Minions in check and "taking care of them" if they fail to carry out their assigned task.

  • Balthazar Bratt: The main villain in "Despicable Me 3," Bratt is a former child star turned supervillain who uses '80s-themed gadgets and weapons.

  • Dru Gru: Gru's long-lost twin brother, who appears in "Despicable Me 3." Dru is wealthy, charming, and eager to follow in his father's footsteps as a supervillain.

  • Lucy Wilde: An Anti-Villain League agent who becomes Gru's partner and love interest in "Despicable Me 2" and "Despicable Me 3."

These characters add depth and excitement to the Minions' world and help to create a rich and entertaining universe for fans to enjoy.

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What Are All of the Minion Names? - Other Minion characters
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