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How To Make Crafts With Newspaper

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make Crafts With Newspaper

Do you read the newspaper daily or frequently and have a large accumulation at home? Brilliant! There are many crafts you can do with this recyclable material. There are a plethora of very original ideas that you can do at home and even with children, so do not wait any more, get to work and be inspired by this OneHowTo article on how to make crafts with newspaper.

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  1. Make bags with newspaper
  2. Newspaper clock
  3. Line objects with newspaper
  4. Wrapping gifts with newspaper
  5. Make Christmas ornaments with newspaper

Make bags with newspaper

A great choice to make crafts with newspapers you may have at home is to convert them into great gift bags or to store all kinds of objects. Cut a rectangle of newspaper into four parts: two wider for the bigger sides of the bag and two narrower ones for the smaller sides.

Then line up the two ends of the newspaper and create the bottom of the bag, making creases in both sides and using a glue stick or some other type of adhesive to fix them. The next step is to cut a piece of cardboard in the same size as the bottom of the bag to place inside and serve as a base; finally, make two holes on each side of the top and put a string knotted at the ends as stoppers which serve as handles for your creative bag.

How To Make Crafts With Newspaper - Make bags with newspaper
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Newspaper clock

Another very original craft you can make at home with newspaper is to make a clock. How? It's very simple, get a clock mechanism by reusing an old clock or buying a new one at a shop and set aside a lot of newspaper.

You'll need to roll the sheets of the newspaper to form very narrow cylinders, then roll them back on themselves to form concentric, snail-shaped circles.

To make the clock digits, make small cylinders and smaller circles to attach to the big one. Pierce the center of the large circle to insert the clock mechanism.

How To Make Crafts With Newspaper - Newspaper clock

Line objects with newspaper

Want to renovate objects with newspapers? This is very simple but you'll get truly original and surprising results. You can cover whatever comes to mind: vases, boxes, cans, etc.

So prepare a mixture of white glue and water in equal parts to reduce the concentration of the glue, and cut out pieces of paper. Then place the newspaper over the item you want to cover and, using a brush, cover it with the mixture of water and glue. Do not worry about the white glue, it will become clear when dry and there will be no trace.

Obviously, you can also cover books with newspaper pages, although for this it is best to use tape to secure the paper to the front of the book covers.

How To Make Crafts With Newspaper - Line objects with newspaper

Wrapping gifts with newspaper

It is even possible to reuse newspaper to wrap gifts and be the most creative at birthday parties or any other event involving gifts. Simply replace classic gift wraps with one or several sheets of newspaper and use clear tape to secure it on the side. We can also make a ribbon with paper or use some other decoration to make it look nicer.

How To Make Crafts With Newspaper - Wrapping gifts with newspaper
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Make Christmas ornaments with newspaper

As Christmas draws near, there are even more options to make crafts with newspaper, as you'll need many home decorations that you can make with this material, such as ornaments for the tree.

You'll also need porexpan balls, white glue, a bottle cap and glitter. This is simple, so children can also participate in making these ornaments. Apply the white glue on the balls and cover them with newspaper. While you let them dry, do the same with both bottle caps. Once the latter are dry, sprinkle some glitter to cover the whole cap. Once this layer is dry, make a hole in the middle of each cap and put the thread of your choice through it. Now you'll just need to stick the cap to the bauble, let it dry and it's ready to hang on your tree!

For more Christmas ideas, read our article on how to make recycled crafts for Christmas.

How To Make Crafts With Newspaper - Make Christmas ornaments with newspaper

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How To Make Crafts With Newspaper