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How to make fake Gajra

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to make fake Gajra

Gajra is a garland of flowers worn by women during any special occasion like festivals. Gajra had always been an integral part of ornamentation of Indian women. Gajra is usually worn in hair and sometimes girls adorn their hands with these too. When worn on a bun, gajra adds a special charm to your look. Gajra looks best when worn with traditional Indian sari.

Earlier gajras were made with jasmine flowers but now gajra can also be made with artificial flowers. Artificial flowers can be of either paper or cloth and are easily available in market. The gajra made from these flowers are known as fake gajra. In this article we will know how to make fake gajra.


  1. Things needed to make fake Gajra
  2. Fake Gajra using only thread
  3. Fake Gajra using needle and Thread
  4. Variation in Gajra
  5. Some more Gajra styles

Things needed to make fake Gajra

The things we need to make fake gajra are:

  • Artificial flowers: Artificial flowers are easily available in shops. They can be of two types i.e. paper flower and cloth flower. Either of the two can be used to make the gajra. Traditionally jasmine flower is the most preferred flower for making gajras. Paper jasmine flowers are also available in markets.
  • Thin string or thread: Thin string or thread of any colour will do for gajra. For jasmine flower gajra usually white colored thread or string is preferred.
  • Needle: Needle is optional. Gajra can be made either by using only thread or it can be made by using thread and needle.

Fake Gajra using only thread

Steps to make a gajra using only thread:

  • Place one end of the string on your finger. On top of the string place two paper / cloth flowers so that they are in opposite directions to each other.
  • Using your thumb, hold the flowers in place. Using your other hand make a loop in the thread or string. Then pass the loop over the flowers and then pass the free end of string through the loop. Then pull the free end of string or thread and the other end so that the stems of the flowers are secured in a knot.
  • Using a similar technique, add a pair of flowers each time you continue making the knots. You can make the gajra as long as you want. On the last knot make sure that it is done tightly so that the gajra remains secure.

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Fake Gajra using needle and Thread

To make a fake gajra using needle and thread use the flowing steps:

  • Insert a thread in the needle. Keeping the thread of desired length cut off the rest. Tie a knot in the thread which is farthest from the needle.
  • Take a flower and pierce the needle through its stem and then keep pulling the flower till the end of thread where there is the knot.
  • Then take another flower pierce the needle through its stem so that the other flower faces the opposite direction of the first flower. Again pull it down the thread so that it is beside the first flower.
  • Similarly keep piercing the flower stem through needle and arranging them one after the other.
  • When the flowers reach the other end of the thread, remove the needle and secure the end with a knot. Your gajra is ready.
How to make fake Gajra - Fake Gajra using needle and Thread

Variation in Gajra

In the method of making gajra using needle and thread you can make variations by changing the position of the flower while piercing it through the needle.

If you pierce the flowers in such way that they all face one direction then you will get a different style gajra.

You can also place the flowers so that the first four flowers are at 90 degree to each other i.e. first flower is at zero degrees, second is at 90 degrees, third is at 180 degrees and fourth is at 270 degrees. The fifth flower will again start from 0 degrees. This will give volume to your gajra and it will look more beautiful.

Some more Gajra styles

You can add different colour of paper or cloth flowers to gajras to make it look more vibrant.

Another method is to add a different flower which is slightly bigger than the rest of flowers in the middle to make the gajra look more beautiful.

How to make fake Gajra - Some more Gajra styles

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How to make fake Gajra