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How to Tell a Fake Eames Shell Chair apart from a Real One

By Sara . Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tell a Fake Eames Shell Chair apart from a Real One

If you are an art lover and admirer of vintage things then a visit to the furniture store will automatically result in your eyes settling on the Eames furniture. Whether it’s an Eames Shell Chair or the Eames Lounge chair you are bound to purchase one. But what if someone visits your home and points out that your Eames is actually fake? To avoid this situation read this OneHowTo article to know how to tell a fake Eames Shell Chair apart from a real one.

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  1. Label
  2. Cost
  3. Color
  4. Proportion
  5. Type of Fiberglass
  6. Screws


The first thing that you must check while buying Eames shell chair is to look for the label. In the United States, the label would be of Herman Miller. The company logo shows two sharp pongs with a U-shaped interior. If you are buying from Europe then the label would be of Vitra.

How to Tell a Fake Eames Shell Chair apart from a Real One - Label
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Often fake Eames shell chair can be differentiated from the real ones by comparing their prices. The cost of the fake chairs are quite less than the real one. So, before you go out to buy an authentic Eames shell chair, have your own research done on the price of the real one. Any chair which looks similar to the Eames Shell chair but costs way less than the original is most probably a fake.


While buying Eames shell chair look out for the color. If the shell color is chalky white then it’s real. The fake ones have bright white color.


If you compare a fake Eames Shell Chair with a real one then the first thing you will notice is the difference in proportion. Usually a fake Eames Shell chair would be weirdly proportioned and is much bigger than the real one. The shape differs and the top, it is more squared than the real one.

Type of Fiberglass

The vintage Eames shell chair has beautifully translucent fibrous texture. But the fake shell chairs does not have the same texture. Also, an authentic vintage Eames Shell chair can never be too gleaming and beautiful. It is bound to lose some of its finish. So, if you come across an Eames shell chair with gleaming polished look then you have came across a fake.

The Eames Shell chairs made today are of polypropene which is similar to soft plastic. But not many people like the material of the new Shell Chairs even if they are authentic.


In authentic Eames Shell chair there would be black screw to match the black frame but the fake ones often sports chrome screws.

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How to Tell a Fake Eames Shell Chair apart from a Real One