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How to Make an Elf hat

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make an Elf hat

Elves are small magical creatures with strange and mysterious powers. In this article we'll show you how to make an elf hat. This time we'll make the hat our of felt, a very warm material to wear during Christmas. The Elf hat is very typical during Christmas, Halloween or Carnival.Today at oneHOWTO, learn how to make an elf hat.

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Steps to follow:

The first step to make an elf hat is to make a pattern, which we can draw on a white silk paper. Using a ruler, measure and draw a 33 centimeter (13 inches) tall triangle by 33 centimeters (13 centimeters) wide. Adjust the size as much as you need to so it can fit and adult or a child's head.

How to Make an Elf hat - Step 1

With the felt under the pattern, cut the felt through the outer line. Do it carefully as it's important to give the hat the right elf-shaped effect so it looks great. Repeat the process, so you make the other side of the elf hat, what we're going to do is make a sort of bell that we'll sow together later and put together to make the hat.

How to Make an Elf hat - Step 2

With a sewing machine we must sew a zig-zag stitch so it's strong enough. We recommend you to sew the hat with dark string, it will look better. The most adequate colors are dark green and black.

How to Make an Elf hat - Step 3

Finish the hat creating a base decoration for your elf hat. We recommend you decorate the elf hat in a red color. Make a 62 centimeter (24 inches) base and a height of 6 centimeters (2 inches), and cut out a toothed design.

How to Make an Elf hat - Step 4

Stick the decoration made with red felt to the hat. You can finish your elf hat with a green ball on the top of your hat.

Combine this elf hat with the rest of the costume. You can make it at home by taking a look at our article on how to make an elf costume.

How to Make an Elf hat - Step 5

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How to Make an Elf hat