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How to Make Lanterns out of Paper Plates

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Lanterns out of Paper Plates

Making lanterns is fun and easy. When we think about making something from scrap material, the first thing that comes to mind is making a lantern. Whether it is the German Saint Martin’s Day or the Halloween, DIY lanterns work wonders to light up your house and even the roads. If you are planning to have a backyard bonfire or just wishing to decorate your room, you will be amazed to know the type of lanterns you can make out of paper plates. Read this article to know how to make lanterns out of paper plates.

1 diner Between 45 & 60 minutes medium difficulty


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Steps to follow:


The first step to make lanterns out of paper plates is to cut off the center part of the paper plates, and draw or print some characters, creatures or drawings that you like.

How to Make Lanterns out of Paper Plates - Step 1

Take the paper plate with the hole, and use it to trace two circles on a baking paper. This will act like your canvas and tell you where to place your picture.


Now it is time to decorate your paper lantern. Tear strips of tissue papers of the color of your choice. You can use red and yellow tissue papers that look like great flames. This will work great for a bonfire theme, but if you are creating the lantern for Halloween, cutting out some cats or bats will be a great idea. Really, use your imagination to design your lantern as you wish


Repeat the process on the second paper plate as well.


Carefully cut off the baking paper, leaving half an inch rim so that you can stick it against the paper plate.


Use glue to stick it to your paper plates and let the whole thing dry.


Once it has dried, cut two cardboard strips and join them together to make a long one piece. It should be around 12 cm wide and 55 cm long, but it can be bigger or smaller, depending on the size of your paper plate. You can use this piece to connect the two paper plates. Lots of small flaps will be required to stick the two paper plates together. If a small kid is making the paper plate, he may need help from an adult to cut these flaps. Really, cutting these flaps will require a lot of practice and caution


Carefully stick these flaps to the sides of your paper plates. Hold the lamp in place until it dries completely. Now repeat the same with other side and allow it to dry


Once the lamp has dried completely on all sides, make two holes on the top of the plate, and thread in a string or wire to hang the lamp from your stick. The lantern may slide around a bit. If needed, you can use a tape to stick the lantern with the stick.


Add electric tea lights to your lantern and enjoy. It will illuminate and a translucent soft light will come out of it.

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How to Make Lanterns out of Paper Plates