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How To Make Tissue Honeycomb Balls

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. Updated: January 16, 2017
How To Make Tissue Honeycomb Balls
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Who in the world does not admire honeycomb balls floating around during festivals and celebrations? These are pretty easy to make, and just magical when you open them for the first time. You can use a tissue paper to make them, and get creative with the combination of colors. They work great for photo shoot backdrops, wall decorations for kids' rooms, party decorations etc. Here at OneHowTo.com, we are going to tell you how to make tissue honeycomb balls.

1 diner Between 15 & 30 minutes medium difficulty


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Steps to follow:


The first step you'll need to take in order to make honeycomb balls is to place a bowl upside down on the cardboard, and draw a line around it.

How To Make Tissue Honeycomb Balls - Step 1

Cut the circle that you have drawn, and again cut the circle into two halves in order to make your ball. The size of your circle depends on the size of honeycomb ball you want to make. A small circle will make a small ball, and a big circle will make a big ball.


Cut the tissue paper with which you are going to make the honeycomb ball, so that it is somewhat smaller than the cardboard you have cut. Then, put one tissue paper flat on another piece of the cardboard.

How To Make Tissue Honeycomb Balls - Step 3
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To plan the lines of glue, keep the tissue paper flat on the cardboard, and evenly divide it into 4-8 sections, depending on the size of your paper. Draw lines on the cardboard where you want to make each fold. Give alternate colors to each line.


While keeping the tissue paper flat on the cardboard, run the glue vertically across the lines of one color of your choice. Then, place another tissue paper on top of this paper, and rub firmly to ensure that it has stuck properly.


Now, apply glue on the lines of another color than you chose last time.


Repeat this with 30-40 sheets of tissue paper, making sure that you alternate lines of glue between each paper. If you want a multi-colored honeycomb ball, you can change the color of the tissue papers after every 5-10 sheets.


Once you have glued all the sheets, place one semi-circle of cardboard on the last tissue paper, and cut out the sheets slightly bigger than the cardboard.


Glue both cardboard semi-circles on your last tissue papers.


Use a needle and thread to tie the top and bottom ends of the cardboards, so that the honeycomb ball gets a neat and uniform effect. If you are going to hand these balls, leave a long thread on one end of the ball.


Your attractive honeycomb ball is ready to decorate your room or party. You can either use one color tissues, or use multi-color tissues to make colorful honeycomb balls.

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How To Make Tissue Honeycomb Balls