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The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 13, 2017
The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes

More and more people are reusing everyday objects to give them a new life and thus contribute to a greener world without so many discarded containers. If you're one of those people, you'll love the ideas that OneHowTo is offering below. You will learn to make some of the best egg box crafts and transform them into lamps, toys for children or an original jewelry box. Read this article and learn how to get the most out of your re-used egg boxes.

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  1. Make a sewing box
  2. Make a decorative box
  3. Egg box garlands
  4. As a jewellery box
  5. Egg boxes for plants
  6. A gift box
  7. To plant your seeds
  8. As a cupcake tray
  9. An egg box lamp
  10. Make toys with old egg boxes
  11. Easter present
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Make a sewing box

A very original way to re-use egg boxes is to take advantage of their shape and use it as a sewing box. Instead of threads, needles and scissors scattered into a drawer or stuffed in a shoe-box, you can recycle these objects and give them a new and useful final use.

In the attached picture you will see that we have tried to cover the top to hang scissors, so take advantage of the full potential of the egg box. If you want, you can color it with colors that you like or, if you prefer, leave it in its original color, whichever you like!

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - Make a sewing box
Image: loca-por-micasa.blogs.micasarevista.com

Make a decorative box

An egg box can also be used to store any type of objects that you have scattered around the house. For example, you can put buttons, keys, smaller toys, etc in it. It is a good idea to create a box to arrange the kid's room and you can give it the touch that you want to decorate and customize it with different styles.

For example, in the attached picture you can see how the egg cup has become a fun box to keep Russian dolls, the design is suitable both for decorating the hall of a house or to put it in a child's room.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - Make a decorative box
Image: manualidades.facilisimo.com

Egg box garlands

Next, we will propose one very original idea when recycling egg boxes giving them a new use. To make the most of the rounded parts, take it apart to turn it into fun garlands. You can put them in your home in areas such as the foyer, in your closet, and so on.

To do so, you only have to cut these parts of the egg box and open them a little to give them the shape of a flower that we offer in the image. Then the lights have to go inside, so that the lighting is just right. If you want you can give a touch of color to the egg box and integrate it with the ambiance of your home.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - Egg box garlands
Image: amarilloverdeyazul.com

As a jewellery box

One of the most practical uses you can give to an egg box is to use it to build a simple and beautiful jewelry box where you can store your rings and earrings. As you can see in the picture, the idea is that the holes are usually placed where the eggs are as the receipt of your jewelry.

To give an elegant touch you can paint it white but if your room is colorful with a dominant shade, we suggest that you adapt this new object to the decoration and thus be perfect.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - As a jewellery box
Image: ecologiablog.com

Egg boxes for plants

Egg boxes can also serve as a container for your smaller plants and thus create a very organic and sustainable garden. To do this, you only have to take advantage of one of the parts to this everyday object and insert smaller plants into the holes. Take a look at how to make a flower pot from other waste material too.

This idea is especially recommended for plants like small cacti to give a natural touch to your home. To do this craft, you just need to buy these small plants (available at florists and / or gift shops) and place them inside.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - Egg boxes for plants
Image: miamandarinablog.wordpress.com

A gift box

Another of the best egg box crafts is to make it a beautiful gift box. It is a very original idea and sure to delight the person you give it to. Above all, this craft will be suitable for smaller gifts as, for example, a set of jewelry.

So that the final result looks good, it is best that you customize the egg box, particularly giving it a touch of color and putting a bow around the box; this way you get it to look like a gift. To block the holes you can opt for the idea shown in the image, that is, cover it with some papier maché of a different color than you used to paint it which will further emphasize the gift. You will love it!

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - A gift box
Image: manualidades.facilisimo.com

To plant your seeds

Egg cups can also be used as containers to plant your seeds and give life to a new plant. To do this, you only need potting soil and the seeds you want, above all, look for flowers that do not grow too much because the container will not be enough unless you decide to replant them and place them in a larger container.

This is a good idea for families who want to show their children the workings of nature, making this an educational experiment at home with your spare egg boxes. Moreover, it's the best way to create your very own fresh herb rack for your kitchen!

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - To plant your seeds
Image: organicusweb.com

As a cupcake tray

You can also surprise your friends or family by taking the shape of the egg box as somewhere to put small sweets like cupcakes or mini cupcakes. It is an original and fun way to present your dessert, besides being 100% organic.

Here at OneHowTo, we recommend that, if you're going to do this, you refrain from painting the egg cup as the toxicity of the chemicals in the paint could be harmful. The best idea is to deeply clean the box to remove any dirt and put the cupcakes inside, always covered with a piece of paper to keep them isolated.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - As a cupcake tray
Image: erenovable.com

An egg box lamp

A more sophisticated but aesthetically amazing idea for recycling an egg box to build lamps as shown in the picture. To do this, you will need several egg boxes (always depending on the size you want to give) and cut them in half.

How to build this lamp is to stick every box with glue or staples in a rounded or square shape, whichever you like. Try to make the egg cups as firmly fixed together as possible to prevent breakage or any part falling off. Then you have to put the bulb inside and create a support on top of the lamp to be fastened.

If you enjoyed this craft, in this OneHowTo article, we tell you how to make a DIY bottle lamp.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - An egg box lamp
Image: interiores.alterblogs.com

Make toys with old egg boxes

There are hundreds of ideas to make toys out of waste material, and egg boxes are no exception. From a string phone to many animals. egg boxes are extremely versatile when it comes to being creative with your kids.

Cut out each shell from the egg box and create a long caterpillar by painting it green and adding some crazy googly eyes. Sew each of the cups together and attach a string to your kids can drag it around and create sluggish-like movements.

If you don't have that many egg boxes, you can also go for more simple animals that only require one or two cups, such as a spider (add some bendy felts for legs) or a lady bird.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - Make toys with old egg boxes

Easter present

How about reusing your egg boxes to create a beautiful Easter gift? You can either decorate the boxes so your children can use them for their Easter egg hunt, or let them decorate their own boxes in their favorite style. This can also be a great gift if you decorate the box yourself and decide to fill them in with your very own homemade Chocolate Easter eggs.

The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes - Easter present

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The Best Egg Box Crafts - Ideas To Re-Use Egg Boxes