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Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material

By Sara . Updated: April 26, 2017
Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material

In most households there is at least one corner or cupboard where you are hoarding some old items or waste materials, in the hopes that they will come in handy in the future. Most of those products are stored in the hope that they would be recycled and used by us somewhere in near future. A long leisured day is best to open such cupboards to make some DIY crafts using these waste materials. If you need some help with ideas then keep reading this oneHOWTO article to know about some of the best craft ideas for adults using waste material.

  1. Magazine Bowl
  2. Plastic Bottle mania
  3. Crafts out of tin cans
  4. Amazing DIY crafts with glass
  5. Button coasters
  6. Cardboard marquee

Magazine Bowl

Most of us stack up magazines, both new and old. Instead of tossing it into the waste basket it could be turned into a bowl which is both colorful and lightweight.

To make a newspaper bowl, select some vibrant and brightly colored pages. Cut each page lengthwise with about 2 inch width. Take one strip of paper and then fold it vertically from both sides till the center. Then fold it to the center again from both sides. Then fold it in half. The strip will be now a quarter inch wide. Repeat the same process with all the strips. Take one of the strip and roll it tightly in coil shape. Take another strip and wrap it around the first coil. Repeat the process till the circle is of desired radius. Then gently coax the strips up one by one till it is transformed into bowl shape.

For more ideas, take a look at our article on how to make crafts with newspaper.

Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material - Magazine Bowl
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Plastic Bottle mania

The boring plastic bottles which often end up in the waste basket can be crafted into a number of useful objects.

Plastic Bottle Broom

Take three plastic bottles. Cut the end part of two bottles. Leaving the top 4 -4.5 inches of both bottles cut the rest into strips. Cut the top of one bottle. Then insert the top of the other bottle through the top of the first. Then insert a handle through the top and your broom is ready.


Take a plastic bottle. Unscrew the cap. Then on one of the sides make some holes. Connect a water pipe through the top and let your DIY sprinkler do its job in the garden.

Plastic bottle flower pot

Take a plastic bottle and cut a rectangle of 3 inches width. Then fill the bottle with soil and plant your favorite herbs or plant in it. Then hang it in the window or by a wall. Take a look at how to make a flower pot from waste material for more ideas.

Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material - Plastic Bottle mania
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Crafts out of tin cans

Tin cans are a menace. Once the content is finished we wonder what to do with the can and usually throw it away in the waste bin. With a little work these cans can be transformed into many useful crafts and objects.

Tin candle holder

One of the most useful items to make out of a tin can for adults is a candle holder, which will look beautiful and give any room a special glow,

To make this craft, use some nails and a hammer to make the desired pattern on the tin. Then spray paint the outside of the tin. Using a thin wire make a hanger for the tin can. Then place a candle inside it and light up on your porch, garden or house at night.

For more incredible ideas, check out our article on 6 ways to make easy DIY candle holders.

Tin plant pots

Another very easy option to make a useful craft for adults is to make a plant pot you can use to decorate your balcony or to create a spice rack for your kitchen. Although you can use them by just getting rid of the label, you can decorate them with some chalk paint so you can label the tin cans, paint them with your favorite pattern using acrylic-based paint, or use washi-tape, the sky's the limit!

Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material - Crafts out of tin cans
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Amazing DIY crafts with glass

Glass bottles are easily recyclable, though we can keep them and give them a new lease of life by creating amazing decorations with them.

If you learn how to cut glass with a string, then you can make your very own DIY glass lampshades or glasses. Though you can also make the following crafts:

Glass jar photo display

We bet you have loads of old glass jars lying around home that you can easily reuse. Print your favorite photos so they can easily fit in your desired jar. Put the picture upside down inside the pot and close the top. Turn the jar around and, voilà, you have your new and original picture display. This is an easy craft for adults that you can also do with your children too.

Wine bottle vase

Another fuss free craft for adults is to use your old wine or champagne bottles to use as a creative vase where you'll be able to put colorful flowers in. Though this is as simple as it sounds, you can also paint the glass bottles or add a pretty ribbon or rope wrapped around it to decorate according to your style.

Take a look at our article on how to decorate using recycled glass bottles and learn more. You might also be interested in gift ideas using mason jars.

Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material - Amazing DIY crafts with glass

Button coasters

Buttons are also a typical material we have just lying around home. There are so many ways we can use them to decorate around the house...

You'll find all of them on our article on how to make crafts out of buttons, where you'll learn to make an easy button bowls with just buttons, glue and a balloon.

You can also make an actual button coaster, which will be extremely useful if you have guests at home.

Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material - Button coasters

Cardboard marquee

If you have old cardboard boxes, then why not make some exquisite decoration for your home? One of the trendiest and coolest things you can make is a marquee in any shape you fancy. For example, we've made it in the shape of a cactus, though you can choose another option. You can also use other waste material to decorate it. You'll find the tutorial on our article on how to make things out of cardboard boxes.

Craft Ideas for Adults Using Waste Material - Cardboard marquee

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