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5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas

Recycling and Upcycling old objects is very trendy right now! It is also good for the environment, as it means that an object we use in our daily life can be given a new life and purpose. Using recycled objects in the decor of yoru home will also give it a unique style and vintage touch.

One item that you would normally throw away is used eggshells, something that we use weekly and in most cases, don't give them a second thought. However in this OneHowTo article we will give you a series of amazing and original craft ideas to recycle eggshells so you can decorate household objects in a very personal way, creating nursery decorations and even planting flowers. Find out more!

  1. Plant your seeds in eggshells
  2. Eggshells mosaics
  3. Nursery decorations
  4. Candleholder with eggshells
  5. Decorate your eggshells

Plant your seeds in eggshells

A good way to recycle eggshells is by converting them into suitable containers to grow your plants or seeds. This is a good choice for families as well, as you can give the kids a chance to become mini gardeners and learn about how nature works.

To do so, you only have to empty the contents of an egg from the top, rinse the eggshell with water, taking care to not break it further, and then add soil and the seed that you want to grow. It's that simple! To give the egg a touch of personality, you can paint or draw a friendly face on the egg, as shown in the picture, or decorate it your taste!

5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas - Plant your seeds in eggshells
Image: ecologismos.com

Eggshells mosaics

Surely at home you have a bottle, a vase or picture frame that is a bit too plain and boring and does not show any originality at all. Well, with the help of a few broken eggshells, you can decorate your objects with a unique and elegant touch transforming them into a much more elegant and original creation by adding a broken eggshell mosaic.

To do this you must break the eggshell into small pieces and paste them on, with the help of glue. Put them on the object you want to customise. To make the process easier to carry out, OneHowTo suggests you use small pliers to help you add the eggshells.

This idea has many variations as you can choose to leave the husk as such (as in the picture attached) or, if you prefer, you can give them a coat of paint, so the result will be more visual, fabulous and attractive.

5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas - Eggshells mosaics
Image: enganchadaalreciclaje.com

Nursery decorations

Eggshells can also be reused and used in the rooms of your little ones. The shape of an eggshell is ideal for creating funny little animals or characters. They will be great in the room of your child. The first thing to consider is that it is essential to empty the inside of the egg completely to prevent it from rotting or causing a stink.

To empty the egg without breaking it you have to make two small holes at each end with the help of a fine pin. Turn it over, and with a toothpick you can get all the gunk out. Check out our how-to video for more help! Once ready, you only have to clean it and paint it the way you want. It's a perfect craft to do with your children!

5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas - Nursery decorations
Image: ecologismos.com

Candleholder with eggshells

Another very original way to recycle eggshells is to turn them into mini candle holders that will illuminate your home in a unique way. To make this craft, simply melt a candle that you have at home, and when the wax is liquid, pour it inside the eggshell. In order to get the best effect, it is best that you cut the shell roughly halfway.

A good idea is also to paint the exterior of these shells to thereby achieve a different and more original color. If you prefer, you can make yourself a candle and incorporate it into the egg. In this OneHowTo article you will discover how to make handmade candles.

5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas - Candleholder with eggshells
Image: comohacerpara.info

Decorate your eggshells

At Easter, it is common to see people decorating eggshells in many ways to celebrate this special day in the Christian calendar. But besides Easter, you can also use these designs to decorate any room of our home, for example, the living room or the table where you usually eat dinner.

To decorate an egg you can choose to empty it, as we've told you before, or cook it and wait until the egg is hard to thereby prevent breakages. Once it's ready, you can paint the shell with the help of different colours and brushes, the design depends entirely on your personal taste.

5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas - Decorate your eggshells

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Image: ecologismos.com
Image: enganchadaalreciclaje.com
Image: ecologismos.com
Image: comohacerpara.info
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5 Of The Most Original Eggshell Craft Ideas