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How to Make your Own Curly Straws

Emily Sakzewski
By Emily Sakzewski. Updated: October 16, 2020
How to Make your Own Curly Straws

Remember always wanting to drink through a curly straw as a kid? Somehow, drinking through a curly straw made drinking anything infinitely more exciting. Watching the liquid being sucked up and making its way through the loops before it reached your mouth was a great novelty. Well now you can have that feeling again by making your very own, customized curly straw at home! Whether you want them for your next pool party, or just for your own entertainment, this OneHowTo article will show you how to make your own curly straws.

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  1. Materials
  2. Method
  3. Enjoy!


The materials you will need to make your own customized curly straws are:

  • Acrylic straws - you can purchase packs of acrylic straws from a variety of websites such as eBay.com, Aliexpress.com or Amazon.com. You could also find them at party supply shops or kitchen and homeware stores. If you're in the United States, you should find them at any Walmart.
  • Oven
  • Baking tray
  • Oven mitts
  • Pen and paper


  1. First you will need to think of a design for your curly straw. This can be anything you like! It could be a random squiggle, or you could choose to spell out words or names.
  2. Once you have decided on your design, draw the design onto a piece of paper at the size that you want the straw to be. Remember to be realistic in the design as the straw needs to be long enough to mold into the shape, and to reach into your drink.
  3. Preheat the oven to 180 C degrees.
  4. Place the acrylic straws on a tray and put the tray in the oven.
  5. When the straws are the consistency of a moldable liquorice, remove the straws from the oven.
  6. With your oven mitts on, take the straw and, using your traced design as your guide, mold the straw into shape. You will need to act quickly to shape the straw before it cools and returns to its hard state.
  7. Once you have the shape you want, hold it in place until it has cooled and stays in place. If you make a mistake, simply reheat the straw and shape it again!


The more colourful you make your curly straws, the better. Pair your funky straws with a colourful juice drink and you have the perfect summer beverage! In fact, take your pick of some of our OneHowTo summer drink recipes that we recommend:

How to Make your Own Curly Straws - Enjoy!

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How to Make your Own Curly Straws