How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort

Although it seems like the easiest thing in the world, tying a knot in a balloon you've just blown up can sometimes be too difficult. No matter whether you are one of those people who find it hard to do or whether you always get your hands all tied up, letting the air escape from a balloon that took so much effort to blow up is frustrating - especially if you're decorating for a party!

If you want to save endless time and energy, pay attention. Here at OneHowTo we have practical solutions for your daily problems, including tips on how to tie a balloon saving time and effort. Read on!

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Steps to follow:

There are a couple of methods you can follow in order to tie a balloon knot easily and properly. Follow us!


The first step works for both methods. Blow up your balloon by leaving a space without air just near the tip. If you have inflated it too much, release some excess air and pinch the tip between of the balloon your fingers. This will make tying a knot way easier.

How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort - Step 2

Keep your thumb holding the tip to prevent more air from coming out. With your other fingers, stretch the neck of the balloon repeatedly. This way, you will ensure that it is long enough to make a knot. If you see it isn't long enough, release a little more air and repeat the operation.

How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort - Step 3

Then, stretch the tip again and roll it between your index and middle fingers. Do it with the hand you feel most comfortable using. Pass the tip of the balloon between the space left by the neck rolled between your fingers as you can see in the pictures.

How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort - Step 4

With the other hand, just stretch the neck a little bit more and finish the knot. Your balloon is ready!

You can also tie a balloon easily by following this second method. Pay attention:


Once you have blown up a balloon (as seen in the first method) and you're already holding its neck, stretch it and make a ring or circle by using your index and middle fingers as a reference.

How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort - Step 6

Then pass the tip of the neck on the balloon through the circle you created and stretch it quickly. Presto!

With this simple trick, you've tied a balloon saving time and effort, and it's perfect for hanging as a party decoration or playing with it.

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  • Be careful and avoid inflating the balloon too much, as it could burst and hurt you.
  • If the balloon has a short neck, wrap it in between just one of your fingers. That way, it will be easier to make the knot.

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How to Tie a Balloon Saving Time and Effort