How to Make Felt Decorative Pillows

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. February 24, 2017
How to Make Felt Decorative Pillows

Have you ever visited a home furnishing store and fallen in love with a felt decorative pillow? This happens to me almost every time, but their price tag is a major turn off. Felt decorative pillows look gorgeous, but they are expensive too. That doesn’t mean that you will have to keep longing for them without having the courage to dig a hole in your pocket and pick one of them. You will be amazed to know that making felt decorative pillows at home is possible. Even if it takes a lot of time and precision, you can actually make your own felt decorative pillow if you use your imagination and follow the instructions closely. Read this oneHOWTO article to know how to make felt decorative pillows.

You'll need:

  • Several colors felt fabric
  • Old cushion
  • Needle
  • Cotton wool yarn
  • Felting needle
  • Felting needle mat
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  1. Making a felt flower decorative pillow
  2. Making an animal shaped felt decorative pillow
  3. Needle felting a pillow

Making a felt flower decorative pillow

A flower shaped decorative pillow made of felt looks stunning. The length of felt you take depends on the size of your pillow and the petals you want on it. First of all, pick up an old pillow that you can use to convert into a felt decorative pillow. Choose the color of felt that you want to turn into a flower. Pastel colors like pink, red, light blue, yellow and orange are best chosen to make this kind of flower pillow. To make this pillow design, follow these step by step instructions:

  1. To make the background, you will have to cover the pillow in the same color felt. You can make a plain pillow cover with the felt, cutting two square sizes from the felt, and sewing them together. Make sure that the squares that you cut perfectly fit as per the size of the pillow you have chosen.
  2. Now you will have to cut around 100 petals in big, medium and small sizes. Around 30 of each size would be nice.
  3. Now arrange your petals on the plain pillow cover, starting with a bigger circle of bigger petals, and then moving inside to make smaller circles with the medium and smaller petals. Let the petals overlap each other.
  4. Once you are satisfied with the pattern, fix all the petals in place with the help of hot glue. You can even stitch them in place, but using hot glue makes your job much easier and quicker.
  5. For the center of the flower, cut three circles from the felt and fold them in four halves. Stick them in the center to make them look like the inside of the flower.
How to Make Felt Decorative Pillows - Making a felt flower decorative pillow

Making an animal shaped felt decorative pillow

Animal shaped felt decorative pillows are a great addition to a kids’ room or an animal lover’s space. They look more like stuffed toys, but they can be effectively used as decorative pillows. It is actually a great craft to make for kids too. Follow these step by step instructions to know how to make a felt decorative pillow in an animal shape (here we've made an owl, as it's one of the simplest animals to make, but you can create any you prefer):

  1. Draw the shape of the animal that you want to make your decorative pillow on the felt.
  2. Cut each of the body parts separately.
  3. Now stitch each of the body parts to make the shape of the animal, leaving a small opening in a hidden place, such as behind an ear or below the tail.
  4. Stuff cotton or rags inside the pillow through the opening you left before, making sure that each and every part is stuffed properly.
  5. Now sew the opening and your animal shaped felt decorative pillow is ready.

How to Make Felt Decorative Pillows - Making an animal shaped felt decorative pillow

Needle felting a pillow

Another great technique to decorate a decorative felt pillow is to use the needle felting technique, which is a bit more advanced but will look gorgeous. In this case, you will need the pillow to be made of felt. You will also need some woolen string and felting needle.

  1. Use a felting-needle mat underneath the felt.
  2. Lay down the pieces of string in the pattern you like best (horizontal lines, vertical, heart-shaped or even more complicated figures).
  3. Now, carefully punch the string up and down with the felting needle.
  4. Once you're done, get rid of the woolen fibers that may have come loose.

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How to Make Felt Decorative Pillows - Needle felting a pillow

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  • If you don't have any experience making decorative felt cushions, we advise you to start with the simplest tutorial and, once you've mastered the technique, move forward to a harder pattern or technique.
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How to Make Felt Decorative Pillows