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How to Decorate Mason Jars with Gemstones

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Decorate Mason Jars with Gemstones

Mason jars are incredibly versatile and an be used to store all sorts of things round the house, from kitchen foodstuffs to sewing kits. A fun way to liven them up and add to your home decor is to decorate them with colored gemstones or pebbles. You can buy these stones easily either from your local bead shop or through online stores such as Amazon. You can do all of them the same and create a color scheme or get inventive by changing up your designs.

All you'll need are the gems, a glass jar, sellotape, a glue gun and alcohol and cotton. Read on at OneHowTo.com to find out how to brighten up your household with these fun designs.

You'll need:

  • jars made of glass or acrylic
  • alcohol and cotton
  • stones
  • silicone sealant or glue gun
  • felt-tip pen
  • stained-glass paint
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Steps to follow:


First of all, clean the jar with your alcohol and cotton. This will make sure your surface is ideal for adhering the glue as any dirt or grime can make your gems fall off more easily. Draw a stencil design on some paper which is suitable to be decorated by the gems. Flowers and natural designs work well for this, but you could even write some text such as a name or the jars contents. For decorations with a Christmas theme, check our tutorial. Stick this design onto the inside of the jar using some sellotape. With a glue gun, squeeze a little glue on to the back of each stone and adhere them to the glass. Remember that the glue will spread, so do not use too much otherwise it will make your jar look messy.

If you do not have a glue gun, a tube of silicone sealant will work just as well. If you are making a floral design, you can use green stones for the leaves and stem and whatever colors you wish for the petals.

How to Decorate Mason Jars with Gemstones - Step 1

You can also make a nice border for the base of the jar to give extra texture to your design. With a felt tip pen, draw a line around the base of the jar approximately 1 cm from the bottom. This will act as a guide for placing a different color stone and you can build up layers parallel to the first.

How to Decorate Mason Jars with Gemstones - Step 2

You can complete your design by putting another band around the top or adding extra ones which you think will brighten it up. It is a good idea to not go overboard and make it look too cluttered, but if you want to go the extra mile, you can buy some stained glass paint and draw some more designs around the gemstones.

How to Decorate Mason Jars with Gemstones - Step 3

Once you have finished, you can play around with designs and develop your own ideas.

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How to Decorate Mason Jars with Gemstones