How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes

Upycling is one of the best ways to conserve the environment. It's easy to reuse many of the products and materials we use in our daily life and can also be great for watching your pocket. Cardboard, for example, is one of the most useful and versatile materials you can reuse. If you go through a lot of boxes, don't throw them away! Breathe new life into them! For some clever and creative ideas on how to do this, keep reading this article on how to make things out of cardboard boxes. Follow these simple tips and do your bit for the environment!

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Steps to follow:

Shoe boxes. One of the most common type of boxes we have at home are shoe boxes. There are many ways in which we can make crafts out of them. Take a look at these ideas:

Boxes for storage

The most obvious way you could use a cardboard box is for storing your belongings. You could decorate them to inject some color into your home. Paint them, use tissue paper as decoration, create some beautiful design ... let your creative juices flow!

Crafts for kids with shoe boxes

The imagination can run wild in this case, from a beautiful diorama, dollhouses and even musical instruments that you can actually make while spending a fun afternoon with your kid. Take a look at our article on how to make simple toys using recycled materials for more great ideas.

Recharge station

If you want to hide an unsightly row of power strips in your room, then why not cut the lower part of the shoe box, cut out some small holes on one side and paint the box in your favorite pattern so it can cover all your cables to create a cute recharge station?

How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes - Step 1

Foldable storage cardboard boxes. If you have just moved homes, then you'll probably have plenty of foldable storage boxes in your new home. Thanks to their versatility the can be turned into plenty of crafts too!

Pet beds

If you have a cat you'll already know they have a thing for cardboard boxes, so you know they'll have fun even with just the bare box. However, you can also turn your box into a pet house or hut by putting an old t-shirt and jumper over the box and creating a hole for your cat or small dog to snuggle inside. Add a cushion so your pet is more comfy. For more detailed ideas, take a look at our article on how to make a homemade cat bed.

A fort

How many times have you done this when you were little? Turning a cardboard box into a fort for children to play in is a classic for little adventurers. Turn it into a princess castle, a cave or whatever you desire. You can even make a cardboard periscope to spy on possible invaders.

Amazing marquees

The size of your cardboard box will allow you to turn it into a marquee. You'll just have to cut out the shape (we've decided to draw a cactus), cut out 5 cm sides, stick them on the borders and create holes where your light bulbs will go. Once the electric connection is made, you can have your DIY marquee at home!

How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes - Step 2

Small cardboard boxes. From matchboxes, cereal boxes and other small package cardboard boxes, you can also find a use for these ones, especially useful for storage and as DIY drawers, though you can also make more creative crafts out of them.

Building blocks

You can reuse cardboard boxes for playing games with your children! Let them color their boxes and then reuse them as building blocks that they can play with. Just close the top of the box with some tape and let your children use their imagination when decorating them! They'll be in their element!

Office organizer

If you want to organize the papers on your desk or at your office, a great way to make crafts with cereal boxes is to make a paper organizer. Glue three or four cereal boxes together (horizontally and with the box opening on the same side). Then, cover it with either wrapping paper or any kind of fabric you may find pretty. Glue it properly and paint the inside if you wish to. It's this simple!

Flower pots

No matter the size of your box, there will always be a plant or a succulent that can fit in it. Follow our tutorial on how to make a flower pot with cardboard and turn your small box into a tiny indoor garden.

How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes - Step 3

Making costumes. Cardboard boxes can be used for many other things. They are also a great way to make Halloween or carnival costumes. From the classics such as the Tetris costume, robot costume or even an astronaut costume, it's pretty easy to paint it in your preferred way and slip into it by just adding two harnesses so it hangs from your shoulders.

How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes - Step 4

Remember that many useful things that can be made from waste material. Go green and see how many different ways you can reuse items. You will save money and will also do your bit to save the planet!

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How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes
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How to Make Things out of Cardboard Boxes

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