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What is the Meaning of Yellow Candles

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is the Meaning of Yellow Candles

We all have some type of decorative candle at home, but not everyone knows what they mean. From the flicker of the flame to the aroma they give off or the colour they come in, candles can be symbolic of a plethora of things. In OneHowTo we want you to learn a little more about the magic symbols in out environment. With this in mind, we present the following article in which we explain the meaning of yellow candles. Find out what these candles, symbolic of positivity and the sun, have in store for you.

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The colour yellow represents the sun god and give it numerous meanings and symbolisms. This colour, and its various shades, is considered the most primitive when it comes to the candles. This is because it is created through the extraction yellow honeycomb wax, which gives candles a pure yellow colour.

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Yellow is considered a colour that influences the personality, the character and ego in both men and women. Many have also concluded that this colour is related to contempt or envy; however, these beliefs do not make much sense since the colour yellow is associated with gold and the star king, great divinities.


Now that you know what the colour yellow represents in general, you should know that yellow candles are directly related to communication. Also, keeping them at home is very positive, as they represent routine and dispersion, making them effective at reducing ego, selfishness and filling the home with peace and harmony.


Yellow is considered the colour of brightness and of light, so having this colour candle at home is of the upmost priority. They give warmth to the home whilst also filling people with joy, happiness and light, and also stimulate intellect and mental strength. Of course, you should use yellow candles proportionately because using them in excess can produce the opposite effect and can be associated to selfishness, greed, mistrust and cowardice.

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When to use yellow candles? It's easy. Such candles are generally used for those rituals in which you want to make a profit of a material or spiritual nature. This ranges from gains or improvements in the professional field (from wealth or fortune, to success and splendour), to spiritual and intellectual benefits such as intellectual clarity, the evolution of consciousness, the light of thought or memory.


Yellow candles, besides being a nice decorative element, are perfect for everything that has to do with a professional or intellectual journey. Use them to ensure that your ambitions are healthy and to help you achieve everything you and your loved ones strive for.

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What is the Meaning of Yellow Candles