What is the Meaning of White Candles

By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
What is the Meaning of White Candles

Surely you have some decorative candles at home to create a lovely ambience; you might light some during special meals or use them to uplift a space. What you probably do not know is that each candle has a specific meaning, either on account of its colour, its smell or the height of the flame. Candles can also be used as a great source of lighting, they have special powers, which is why they are used in numerous rituals. Below, OneHowTo explains the meaning of white candles, elements that symbolised cleanliness, intimacy and purity through their colour.

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Intimacy of individuals, fertility, purity, cleanliness, humility, creativity and imagination are some qualities evoked by the essence of the colour white. The use of this colour in candles has an even greater influence.

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The colour white usually has more of an impact on women than men, especially in terms of purity and fertility. They also invoke iconic female anatomy: fertility and bosoms. However, it can serve to both sexes as inspiration to unleash creativity and imagination and in the development of artistic activities.

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White candles are widely used in magic rituals given that is a versatile colour, i.e., it has numerous values. They are considered 'neutral' candles because they can be used at any time or for any occasion. The white light is a mixture of the colours of the visible colour spectrum. Other colours are born from this colour, which highlights its purity. That is why a white candle can substitute any other colour in rituals.


Fertility is one of the most prominent meanings of white. This candle has direct effects on issues such as parenthood, family and its protection - above all with regards to children - and the strengthening of family ties. It is important to distinguish between love, sex and fertility and family. White candles do not represent love, but purity and strengthening of family relationships, as opposed to romantic love.


White candles also help attract all the positive energy, helping individuals to develop relations based on sincerity, truth, honesty, innocence, hope, simplicity and purity. Placing white candles in the home helps increase these true feelings whilst also allowing real relations to become strengthened.

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White candles are symbolic of the moon, invoking lunar energy and increasing spiritual strength. It also conveys faith, purity, truth and sincerity; feelings that can help in overcoming adverse conditions or curses. White is the colour of colours, so it is very positive to have a white candle nearby, as it helps to cleanse the aura.


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What is the Meaning of White Candles
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What is the Meaning of White Candles

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