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How to Make a Pen Write Again

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make a Pen Write Again

Do your pens not work? Before throwing them away, try these simple tricks that we propose on OneHowTo and learn how to make a pen write again. After trying, we assure you that almost all (if not 100%) will write like a dream, getting rid of the typical problem of having a lot of pens at home that are absolutely useless.

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Steps to follow:


Make hard scribbles on a sheet of paper. With the heat and friction that you'll generate you can make your pen write again. Under the paper place a surface that is not too rigid, such as a book or a few pages.


Make sure the replacement of the pen is well placed. You can remove it from its carcass and place each of the elements of the pen in order again. In this way you make sure that is not a problem with the pen's structure.


Hold the pen from the back end as if it were a thermometer and shake vigorously. Thus you get the air bubbles in the ink tank to disappear and then you can re-write with ease.


A trick for to get your pens to rewrite is to rub the pen tip against a lime, but do not do it too much or you'll ruin it.


Alternatively, take a wire and soak it in nail polish remover. Then, put the wire in the ink tank so it touches the dry ink. This will make the ink return to a liquid state. Note that you may end up covered in stains during the process, but you'll get the pen will write again like magic.


Remove the ink tank and blow from the opposide side to the end. In this way you'll be moving the ink toward the tip. But beware, you might get some ink in your mouth!


Extract the ink tank and dip it in alcohol. Leave it for a few minutes to get the ink to flow back again.


Give small dollops on paper to move the ink toward the end. When you notice some ink in the paper, write vigorously on the paper so you can write again normally.


Rub the tip of the pen against a rubber surface, which can be a simple eraser or the shoe sole. If you create the friction that is necessary, the pen will write again.


Our last trick to get a pen to write again is to use a lighter to heat the pen tip. But be careful, do not overdo it because you might burn the pen and ruin it forever.

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How to Make a Pen Write Again