How to Draw a Perfect Pentagon

How to Draw a Perfect Pentagon

By using some simple maths and geometry tools, we show you how to draw a perfect pentagon. There's no need to go crazy or waste two whole erasers. Achieving a pentagon, where each side is equal with corners that touch, is not impossible as we explain below.

Steps to follow:

The first step to draw a perfect pentagon is to mark a dot in the center of your paper. Place your compass on the dot, and draw a perfect circle. If you have time, here are other ways to draw a circle.


Using the central dot and a protractor, divide the circle into 5 points. There are 360º in a circle, and 360/5 = 72°. So, you should mark a dot every 72º. To get the right measurement, use a protractor to get the perfect measurement for your pentagon.


Connect every adjacent point. Now you have a pentagon.

If you want to draw a pentagram, instead of a pentagon: Instead of joining adjacent points together, you have to join each point with the two opposite points.

Erase the circle when you no longer need it as a guide.


You can also draw a pentagon with a compass and a ruler if a circle is given. This will be useful for certain exercises and can also be applied when you do not need to have a specific size for the sides.

  1. Draw a circle with the compass its radius being A and with its center being A B.
  2. Draw a second circle with the same radius, with its center on A.
  3. The intersection where both circles meet will be C.
  4. Draw a straight line through A and C with the ruler.
  5. Draw another straight line through B and C.
  6. This second line will give you an intersection with the first circle, which will be D.
  7. Draw a straight line from A to D.
  8. This will create a third intersection between the second circle and this last line. This will be intersection E.
  9. Set the compass in the distance between C and E and draw a circle centered on B.
  10. This third circle will meet the first straight line. This intersection will be F.
  11. Draw the original circle once more.
  12. Set the compass to the distance between E and F. This will give you the edge length of a perfect pentagon.
  13. Draw the lines with the compass at the given length.
  14. Unite each mark you have created with the compass. You now have your pentagon.

This method may be more elaborate, but it is 100% accurate and will give you a perfect pentagon.

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