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How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts

Are you a Minions fan? If you can't get enough of those little yellow characters and feel like making all sorts of Minion objects, you've come to the right place. Minion fever is spreading like wildfire. They've now even got their own movie, having parted ways with Gru, the villain who brought them fame in the first film. So don't wait any longer - keep reading this OneHowTo article to discover the best of Minion arts and crafts.

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  1. Plastic bottle minions
  2. Clothes peg minions
  3. Kinder egg Minions
  4. Minion jars (I)
  5. Minion jars (II)
  6. Cardboard tube Minions

Plastic bottle minions

A really creative yet simple idea is to make Minions out of plastic bottles. Soft drinks bottles that you've probably got lying around the house will do the trick. Draw a line to separate the Minion's body from its suit, so you can paint more easily. You also need to draw or print off a picture of those goggles that they wear. As a humorous touch, why not get some googly eyes to stick on- you can find them in any arts and crafts store or pound shop. You'll love them!

How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts - Plastic bottle minions
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Clothes peg minions

This is another fun Minions craft object that you can make at home with very few materials: clothes pegs, yellow and blue paint, a black marker and stick-on eyes. Start by painting the top part of the peg - i.e. the part with the spring - yellow, and the bottom part blue.

Wait for it to fully dry, stick on one or two eyes, depending on which Minion you want to make, and then draw on the mouth with a black marker. Once you've finished, you can put them wherever you like, using them to attach sheets of paper or to bring a bit of colour to your clothes line.

How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts - Clothes peg minions

Kinder egg Minions

Want to make a cute little Minion? Make the most of the little plastic containers you find in chocolate eggs (like Kinder), the ones that have the surprise gift inside, as they tend to be yellow. There's great fun to be had. Our OneHowTo article will show you step by step how to make a minion out of a Kinder egg.

We recommend using permanent markers to draw the Minion's clothes and face on the plastic capsule and, again, add some stick-on eyes. You can then use your Minions to store jewellery and other little treasures, or just to add a humorous touch to your bedroom.

How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts - Kinder egg Minions

Minion jars (I)

Any type of jar that you have at home can be made into a Minion. You just have to paint it yellow, or cover it in yellow material, add some eyes and a mouth, and you'll have an unusual and creative container in which you can keep whatever you like. You can also choose to remove the lid and use the Minion as a pencil box, or even as a flower or plant pot.

How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts - Minion jars (I)

Minion jars (II)

A variant of this idea is to use tin or metal cans - like Nesquik or baby milk powder tins etc. - to make your own Minion. Use foam rubber to cover the tin and create all the Minion's features: eyes, goggles, mouth, clothes, etc. If you're particularly handy, you could even make some arms and hands to make it look more realistic. As in the previous example, you can keep whatever you like in your Minion, or use it more creatively, as a vase for instance.

How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts - Minion jars (II)

Cardboard tube Minions

It's very common to use cardboard tubes in arts and crafts, as they're easily found in any home and they just get chucked into the recycling bin if they aren't reused. So you can create your own Minion with toilet roll tubes and tempera paint, not forgetting the star material: stick-on eyes. If you prefer, you can make the Minion suit out of blue paper or cardboard and then stick it onto the toilet roll tube. You can also decorate it without spending a lot by adding all sorts of details with a black marker.

How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts - Cardboard tube Minions

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How to Make your Own Minion Arts and Crafts