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How to Make a Flower Pot from a Log

Elsie Goycoolea
By Elsie Goycoolea. Updated: January 20, 2017
How to Make a Flower Pot from a Log

If you enjoy getting your hands dirty and would take gardening as a hobby, then this simple and beautiful idea might encourage you to take your tools out and start planting. Flowers can make any garden space look colorful and magical; however, an ugly pot can completely ruin the spell. By replacing those old and boring ceramic pots with wood logs you can not only give a second use to a log that has been lying around, but also make your garden stand out from the one from your neighbors.

In this OneHowTo article we she step-by-step how to make a flower pot from a log.

You'll need:

  • Wood log
  • Flowers
  • Soil
  • Drill (wide and paddle bit)
  • Sharp knife (optional)
  • Vacuum
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Steps to follow:


Before you start this DIY make sure that you have everything you will need ready. Aside from a log and flowers, you will need a drill, a vacuum, a sharp knife or a paddle bit for the drill and some soil.


You don’t want to go cutting down perfectly healthy trees for this project. Instead, search for old log pieces from fallen trees or some that may be sold at some stores. Choose your size and height to best suit your garden.

How to Make a Flower Pot from a Log - Step 2

Once you have your log make sure that you have chosen some flowers that can fit inside the log and will sit nicely above it. You can choose just one plant or combine a few different flowers and herbs.


Now it is time to take your tools out. Using your widest paddle for your drill, work your way through the center of your log to create a hole. Make sure that you leave a small margin on the sides. Work slowly to create a wide and even uniform hole.


Then use your vacuum to remove any leftover shavings. You can use your vacuum while you drill to have a better view of the surface. Make sure that you drill down enough for your plants to fit.


Once you are done with the hole, turn your log upside down and using a sharp knife or paddle bit poke a hole in the center that will serve for water drainage. That way you will prevent too much water from drowning your plants.

How to Make a Flower Pot from a Log - Step 6
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Now, you are ready to plant your flowers. First add some dirt to the bottom of the hole. Just a fine layer. Then place your flowers in the center and add some soil to the sides until you have covered the whole area. Make sure there is enough soil and that your flowers are stable.


You can always decorate your log using paint or other props to make it match your decoration style. You can pair this DIY with others like this one guiding you through making a flower pot using waste materials.


During the first few weeks inspect your log to make sure that it is draining efficiently and that it is not breaking apart. After that, just continue to take care of your flowers as normal. Since logs are made of wood it is possible that after some time you may have to replace them or it may be that your flowers start to outgrow the log.

How to Make a Flower Pot from a Log - Step 9
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How to Make a Flower Pot from a Log