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How to Decorate using Old Doors

Nidhi Nangia
By Nidhi Nangia. May 29, 2017
How to Decorate using Old Doors

To decorate your home using waste material is an original and classy way to ensure that your house is coolest among your neighborhood. and is also environmentally friendly If you have an old door at your disposal, grab some paint, nails and hammer, and use your imagination to decorate using old doors in whichever way you want. Here at oneHOWTO, you will find some great ideas for how to decorate using old doors. While using these, you can actually reinvent your home’s interior within budget.

  1. Make a headboard for your bed
  2. Make a potting bench for your garden
  3. Use it to display your photographs
  4. Use it as a message board
  5. Make a bookshelf
  6. Make a coffee table

Make a headboard for your bed

Placed horizontally or vertically, an old door can make a wonderful headboard for your bed. Paint it in the color of your choice, as per the interior of your bedroom, decorate it with a few embellishments, and place it behind your bed. It will not only render a new look to your entire bedroom’s décor, but will also save your money by preventing the purchase of an expensive headboard.

How to Decorate using Old Doors - Make a headboard for your bed
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Make a potting bench for your garden

One great idea is to turn an old door into a potting bench. However you would need quite a bit of carpentry skills to do it yourself. This potting bench will be an aesthetic addition to your garden, and at the same time keep your pots and tools organized at a place. Depending on your personal choice, you can either let it the way it is, or paint it to make it new. Anyone would definitely appreciate your creativity, and you would get a vintage look to your garden or backyard.

How to Decorate using Old Doors - Make a potting bench for your garden
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Use it to display your photographs

You can use an old glass paned door to display your choicest photographs in style. Place this door in a hallway or living room, and paste some nice photographs on the back of the glass panels. You may also screw some rope lights to the door to give it an enchanting illuminated look. Make sure that the glasses are clean and intact. You may leave the door with its antique and old look, or paint it in your chosen color to match with your interior décor.

How to Decorate using Old Doors - Use it to display your photographs
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Use it as a message board

Retrieve an old door from junk or your old scraps, paint its interiors in blackboard paint, and use it as a message board. It can be a unique and trendy addition to a college or school campus, or especially a house that has kids who study. Other than that, any interior with this message board will look classy and refined. Such message boards can also be installed outside a party hall or a restaurant to display the hosting party or today’s deals and offers. You may also install it in your kitchen to keep track of your inventory.

How to Decorate using Old Doors - Use it as a message board
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Make a bookshelf

Install an old door on a wall, fix some shelves on it, and display the collection of your books with pride. If you are a lover of reading classic books, this bookshelf will look fantastic to accommodate your classics. In addition to books, you can also display a few photographs or show pieces on this shelf. Believe it or not, this bookshelf made of an old door will add a lot to the aesthetics of your entire interior décor.

If not all of your books fit on this bookshelf, you can also learn how to decorate with old books to give them a new use!


How to Decorate using Old Doors - Make a bookshelf

Make a coffee table

An old door can be effectively converted into a coffee table, but you would require a bit of carpentry tools and skills to do that with success. Some of the tools that you would require include circular saw, drill, tape measure, sandpaper, L-brackets, glass top, old door of course, and a few rags to stay clean. Cut the door in the size of the coffee table that you want, apply wax on it and attach it to a frame using L-brackets. Top it with a glass piece to give it a finished look. Keep it in the center of your living space to give your interiors a polished appeal. (

How to Decorate using Old Doors - Make a coffee table
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Image: www.architectureartdesigns.com ,hgtv.com
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Image: http://clv.h-cdn.co/, pinterest
Image: 1.bp.blogspot.com, decoist
Image: diy.sndimg.com,pinterest
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How to Decorate using Old Doors