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Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 21, 2017
Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family

Mandalas are diagrams or symbolic representations used in Buddhism, Hinduism and other spiritual traditions. They are usually circular in shape and often vibrantly colored. They were traditionally used for focusing attention onto spiritual matters, creating a sacred space, seeking guidance and, in some contexts, to induce trances during meditation. Even if you do not have a particularly spiritual sensibility, painting mandalas can be very good for relaxation and concentration.

Here at, we'll provide different winter mandalas for kids and family to color. We hope they are useful and help you to relax while painting them.

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Steps to follow:


If you have a family, painting mandalas could be very useful for two reasons: either you want to enjoy an activity which will allow you to spend relaxing time together, or they are driving you mad and you need some space to decompress. With holidays and events during the festive season, you often have more time to fill, so these designs can be brought out if you are searching for something to occupy yourselves.

In our first fun mandala, you can paint a scene of snowmen, children skating on ice sleds, all centred round a nice star in the middle.

Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family - Step 1

In our second mandala, the star has been extended out to the edges and is surrounded by four jolly snowmen. In addition, there are many snowflakes you can paint with pastel colours or whatever takes your fancy.

Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family - Step 2

In the centre of this mandala, you'll find a big snowman surrounded by snowballs. There is also some space in the background if you want to add your own designs and color schemes. Remember, mandalas can be used as great decorations for your bedroom door.

Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family - Step 3

This mandala has a fun perspective as it is full of little snowmen looking in every which way, but in the middle there are falling snowballs all going towards the centre.

Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family - Step 4

You can also paint this beautiful mandala which is decorated solely with snowflakes. Use pastel colours or blend with crayons to create a lovely effect. Snow you see outside may only be white, but you can use whichever colors you like!

Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family - Step 5

Finally, a mandala that's a little more complicated, but still very beautiful. In the centre is a five-pointed star and the surroundings are decorated with mistletoe. If you don't have any fresh mistletoe, you can hang this and use it instead.

Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family - Step 6

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  • Click on the mandala you like to enlarge it. Then right-click the right mouse button and select copy. Open a Word document or Paint spread sheet and paste. Modify it to your liking and print.
  • These winter mandalas can be stuck in a card, used as book covers, used as Christmas tree decorations by simply making a hole and hanging them as you would Christmas baubles. They'll look fantastic!
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Winter Mandalas for Kids and Family