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How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: March 11, 2022
How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally

Almost everyone knows the identity of Justin Bieber and given his 93 million Twitter followers, this should come as no surprise.

Justin is the first artist to surpass 10 billion total video views on Vevo, has sold an estimated 100 million records and is worth around 245 million dollars. His success is unparalleled, and as a fan you will be immensely proud. Would you like to get in touch with him? It is not impossible! There are several ways of contacting him personally, as the singer reviews his messages every day and is responsible for monitoring his social networks... Do you want to know how? Keep reading!

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  1. Through his manager
  2. Twitter
  3. Facebook
  4. Instagram
  5. The fan club
  6. Get a signed photograph

Through his manager

You can send a letter to Justin Bieber via his manager, Scooter Braun at the following address: Scooter Braun, c/o Island Def Jam Group, Worldwide Plaza 825 8th Avenue, 28th Floor, New York, NY 10019

You can also contact him online through his official website. Fill out the online form here: http://scooterbraun.com/about

This option is better to use if you are trying to contact the record label concerning Justin for professional reasons. Fan letters may not be delivered to him if submitted via this method.

Don't forget you can contact Scooter through his Twitter account @scooterbraun. Many fans have been put in touch with Justin himself after Scooter received a message. Be sure to make it a good one!

How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally - Through his manager


Justin Bieber was one of the first artists to join Twitter. The singer not only uses the social network regularly, but shares all unpublished photographs with fans and often responds to tweets. You will have to compete with his 93 million other followers though...Good luck!

How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally - Twitter


Not content with one social network, the star has also decided to manage his own Facebook fan page; therefore, any message you write to him, Justin Bieber himself will be responsible for reading.Although you cannot befriend him personally or send a direct message, you can "Like" his artist page on Facebook which allows you to post on his Facebook timeline.It is unlikely that Justin will reply to a comment via Facebook but he may see it. Stay positive and make the message count!Artists like to receive artwork, don't hesitate to get creative!

How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally - Facebook


Instagram is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to contact Justin Bieber directly as he monitors and updates his account himself, quite regularly.If you know him and his escapades well, you will know he has messaged followers in the past through Instagram.Make sure you follow him and comment on his photos with a question or statement - you should persevere but don't pester!

How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally - Instagram

The fan club

There are many Justin Bieber fan clubs around the world, however, the official club is located in New York. If you want to contact him, you should speak with the director of the fan club by mailing the following address:Artist Arena, c-o Bieber Fever Administrator, 853 Broadway, 3rd Fl, New York, NY 10003.

When writing your message to the club, highlight why you are contacting Justin at the beginning. Explain why you are such a big fan and note which gigs you have attended (if more than one!)

The fan club is maintained by Artist Arena, a company that helps connect artists to their fans all over the world. Learn more about Artist Arena at the company's website: http://www.artistarena.com/

How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally - The fan club

Get a signed photograph

You can send a request for an autograph and picture to the address provided above. Include a piece of cardboard to keep the picture straight. You can also write "Do not bend" on the envelope. Add several International Reply Coupons in the envelope, without sticking. These coupons are used by the recipient to answer you and they will not pay shipping costs. Generally, it takes about three months to receive the signed photograph from Justin Bieber. Happy sending!

How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally - Get a signed photograph

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  • You can also follow Justin Bieber on Instagram, MySpace or YouTube page.
  • If you join an official Fan Club near you, there's a better chance of being able to contact and even meet Justin Bieber too!
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Callie Cunningham
Can you send me a signed photo of you?
Justin plz i am the biggest fan can you plz send me a sighned photo of you because i love you
Mayank garg
I want to meet.. With u justen.. Plz.. Only for one time...
hi can i have one
samantha roberts
i love u justin!! plz send me a message on FB when u get this!! I LOVE U ALOTTTTTTTTT AND IM A HUUGGGEE FAN!!:)
hi Justin if this is really you comment back or send a picture
Do know justin Bieber real phone number
I am dying of cancer at 36 years old and would not what I want nothing more than to be able to meet him personally because my daughter loves him and so does my niece and that would be the biggest blessing in the world if I could meet him and be there
My name is Lindsay Riggs. I am dying of cancer at 36 years old and would not what I want nothing more than to be able to meet him personally because my daughter loves him and so does my niece and that would be the biggest blessing in the world if I could meet him and be there with my daughter as I see it happen
If this is the real Justin bieber can u tell me where ur next concert is gonna be please
Judy Sanchez
Hey Justin; About a month ago God really put you on my heart. I think life has taken a toll on you and you feel overwhelmed. I'am a mother of 4 children and 8 Grandchildren. Your heart and soul needs more of God so that he can give you peace and comfort. I can see it in your eyes. Maybe its time to take a break and just reflect on you and God, please take this very seriously!! God Truely loves you................
Candace Bertrim
Hello Justin, I am a fan of your music; but Mostly I am a mother of a son that wanted to be like you and an Aunt of nieces that thought they were in love with you. I have taken my nieces to 3 concerts of yours from the early years and thoroughly enjoyed the music but mostly the excitement in the young girls eyes and their deafening screams. What a world class performance. My son wanted to mimic you since he was 10 yrs old. He is now 17 and I am fearful for him as he has been living with his father for the last 5 years (a more enticing lifestyle) and is now addicted to cocaine. I cannot thank you enough for presenting yourself in a respectable and mature manner so that young men can have a positive role model in their lives. Thank you Justin and good luck in your endeavours.
Serena Dobrick
Justin I really really love u I have every cd of yours I also have three pillows 20 some posters bed sheets and a blank it and a bag and much more I really love u and I really want to talk to u I look up to u!!! I even did not like Selena Gomez BC she took u and I could not have a chance even if I am only 13 u r the best singer and when people make fun of u I cry and when I here u r near me or iny state I flip out and cry BC I reallyvwant to meat u I love u and I will forever and always and I never say never and also I would really love it if I could meet u in person someday and if so I was wondering if u would sign some of my stuff !!! I love u Justin more than anyone and I mean it I wake up to u everyday and I go to sleep listening to your CDs
Todd staniforthtodd
I'm a father to a wonderful daughter that lives with autism and would love Justin bieber to be able to be a advocate for her and Autism please contact us it would do a wonderful thing for Autism around the world my daughter is 13 please reply and if we could come up with some way to get the word out to all ages would be the most wonderful thing for all Autistic children I would love for my daughter to be the face for Autism Awareness around the would to help people that have no idea were to start or who to reach out to ect . please some how contact us if you would like to help .My daughter loves justin s music so I think he could help and be able to be a wonderful face for Autism with my angel that lives with high functioning autism
Hi, justin. I'm a huge fan and i really would like to see you sometime and i also have a little cousin who loves you more than anyone in this world. I'm serious. Anyway, i was wondering - if this is you for real- if somehow we could get some of your cd's or signed posters or something. It would mean the world to us! I love you! -Tiaxx
Victoria Benedicto
Justin Bieber is very confident and alos he is a good boyfriend I need to marry me and he is Independent boy and you see me on TV when I was playing football it is great thanks for putting me in your wall my phones and posters for me thank you I Love you from Victoria Benedicto
I really want to meet you. I think I might go to to one of your concerts.
This is still me I hope you contact me back I been trying to contact you all day please contact me I really want to meet you and learn everything about you about your music love yourself love you
Hi justin my name is Kayla I am 9 years old I was just wanted to see you so I want you to come surprise me and I been looking on youtube and you was surprising fans at their home so I want that to and on June 23 on my birthday I am having a justin bieber party so do you want to come I love your music love you from Kayla and for justin bieber.
Hey Justin i was wandering if you could come to my 14th birth day party i sent you a letter i do not know if you have it yet i would be really happy if you could i would never do any thing bad i would give you a hug and that is it i love all your songs i wish you could if you do not want to come that is OK but it would make me cry but it is not a big deal. My birthday is July 12th i was just trying to make plans on what i am going to do for my birthday thank you so much. you are a great role model for me i love your attitude it is a good one. And one more thing i am your biggest fan ever. Your Friend Sierra
I love u literally I was on my phone all day and night watching videos it would be nice if you can email me back it would be a dream come true
I feel I can connect with you , I would love to chill
I love justin
Hey Justin. how u doin. If this is u, i would really love to hear from u. this is for my sister and she is totally in love wit u. and she would love to meet u in person sometime.... she means everything to me. i would do anything for her. And this is one of them, I live in Corpus Christi and she lives in taunton mass.I would really appreciate it if u would or ur agent to contact me back to see if she can meet u in person or even get a poster signed to her and maybe mailed.. thank u.
Yeah this is me
hi Justin umm if we could talk about something right now
how did you get Justin to talk to you I have a crush on him.
karah postil
hey Justin sup we have a team of u16 ringette players going to timmins ont in march that would love to have a video done with you would be awesome for the FOREST XTREME RINGETTE and Ontario ringette association ORA
lisa morales
My 5 yr old daughter Destiny loves you please contact me back she wants to write you and I'm a let her write u thanks lisa
Justin bieber u r a my best singer
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How to Contact Justin Bieber Personally