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How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower

Origami has recently been regaining popularity, and it has transformed from being just an art form to a versatile craft. Unlike other paper crafts, origami involves only using your hands to create intricate designs without scissors, glue, or any other tools.

In this article, we will show you some easy-to-make origami flowers that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also require minimal glue usage. If you enjoy engaging in handcrafts, then read on to learn how to create a stunning 5-petal flower.

You'll need:
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue
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Steps to follow:

To create an origami 5-petal flower, you will require five squares of paper that are of the same size, and all sides of the square should have an identical length. Ideally, the paper squares should be 8 cm x 8 cm (3 in x 3 in) for the best results.


Take one of the square papers and fold it in half by bringing two opposite corners together, making sure that they align correctly.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 2

Next, take one of the tips of the triangle and fold it towards the top point of the triangle, as shown in the image. Repeat the same step with the other tip to obtain a diamond shape with sides of the same length.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 3

To create the inside of the petals in the paper flower, take one of the folded parts of the diamond shape and fold it in half, pushing it outwards, as demonstrated in the accompanying picture. Repeat this step with the other folded part to create a figure with four tips.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 4

The next step is to unfold the parts that were previously folded. Gently open and flatten them downwards, as depicted in the picture. If this is your first time creating a 5-petal origami flower, it may seem challenging, but do not worry. Once you complete the first petal, the rest will become easier.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 5

Take the tips of the previously folded parts and fold them upwards, ensuring that the tip aligns with the central line to create a perfectly shaped petal. Be precise while folding to ensure that all petals look consistent and neat.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 6

The subsequent step involves folding the previously made folds once more, but this time, do it on the inside of the paper rather than on the outside. By doing so, you will revert to the diamond shape, similar to the initial steps.

Once you obtain the diamond shape, create a cone by bringing the tips together and use glue to secure the folds, as demonstrated in the picture.

Congratulations, you have successfully completed one petal! Repeat the same process four more times to obtain all five petals.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 7

After completing all five petals, the final step is to assemble the origami flower. To do so, take one of the petals and apply glue to one of the sides of the line that connects the folds.

To continue assembling the origami flower, take another petal and attach it to the glued side of the first petal, ensuring that both petals are aligned correctly. It is unnecessary to apply glue to both petals, unless the adhesive being used is not strong enough.

Repeat this process for the remaining three petals, making sure to attach them all to the same line that connects the folds.

How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower - Step 8

Congratulations, you have successfully made your own 5 petal origami flower! You can experiment with different colors and decorations to make your flower even more special.

If you want a two-colored flower, you can simply paint one side of the square in step 1, and the inside of the flower will be a different color.

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How to Make an Origami 5 Petal Flower