Tips to Write the Perfect Love Letter for Valentine's Day

Tips to Write the Perfect Love Letter for Valentine's Day

Love is one of the engines that boosts the actions we take throughout life, though it's clear that there's always a reason to celebrate, the 14th February is the day that everybody in the entire world says it out loud. If you're preparing a whole romantic evening but you don't know how to put your thoughts into words, at OneHowTo we give you some tips so you know how to write the perfect love letter for Valentine's Day.

Steps to follow:

Before you start to write a love letter for Valentine's day it's important to know what feelings you want to communicate, if you want to tell the person what he/she means to you, if it's about celebrating you're together, if you're asking for forgiveness. Once you know "what" it will be easier to start with the "how".


Write honestly, sometimes you don't need to be too poetic but to communicate with feeling, we're sure that the honesty of your words will be valued by the person you love.

Start the letter making him or her feel it from the start. The beginning of the letter should be a representation of how it's going to continue. If your girlfriend's name is Amy, don't start the letter with "Dear Amy". Instead, go for something more sentimental such as "My darling girl".


Give your love letter a personal touch, that clearly states that you wrote it and you didn't coy it from some other place, it's not necessary to find far-fetched words, simplicity is also a useful seduction tool.


There's no need for the letter to be as long as the Bible, feel comfortable while writing it and make sure you don't repeat ideas or concepts. You can also be brief and write a short note that can be just as romantic.


Flatter the person you love, make him/her feel special, let the person know why you love being by his or her side and let all your feelings flow from there.


You can write several versions of the love letter, if you feel after writing the first version it's not the exact message you wanted to send, you can make it better or start over again. You can also read it out loud to know what it sounds like.


Romance is clearly welcome in a Valentine's day love letter, but don't overdo it, find that middle point between romance and cheesiness.


See the future. Write about future plans and make him/her know that you're looking forward to being with them. You don't need to talk about kids if you don't want, but at least make it clear that you want to be with your partner for a long time.


Leave the letter somewhere your partner will find it. This way it's more original than if you directly give it to him/her.


Make sure you write this letter on pretty paper and put it in a nice envelop too. Accompany it with a present or detail, it doesn't have to be anything too expensive, it could be a flower, a teddy bear, a reminder of this date, the importance is in the gesture not the actual present.


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  • Let you emotions flow and you'll surely write a love letter your partner will never forget.
  • Remember it's a love letter and your partner will be the only one who will see it. Don't worry if it's not perfect or if it wouldn't win a contest. The most important is that you write from the inside and it will be perfect.