The Best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Window Frames

The Best Ideas to Decorate Using Old Window Frames

Whether you have recently renovated your house or moved to a new home, you must have loads of unused scrap that you can actually use to enhance the look of your property and decorate with recycled materials. For instance, the old windows that you replaced with new ones can be easily put to great use by decorating certain areas of your new house. Here at oneHOWTO, we are going to share with you some great ideas of how to decorate using old window frames.

Hang them on an empty wall

Hanging old window frames on an empty wall can instantly brighten up your gallery space. Choose window frames in different sizes, shapes and colors. You can leave the glass intact or create this craft without glass, and insert some memorable photographs inside them. This can be a spectacular decoration that any of your guests won’t be able to resist.

You can even distress the wood on the frame and paint or varnish them in different tones for a great shabby chic look.

Use it as a large photo frame

An old window has so many rows and sections that you can easily use to display your memorable photographs. Fix two old windows side by side, insert some of your favorite family photographs inside the sections, and write a word or sentence that describes you or your pictures in between the two windows. This can be an eye-catching addition to your living room, or a memorable masterpiece in your bedroom. Whenever you look at it, it will bring with it your old cherished memories.

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Use it as a shower curtain

Modern bathrooms have a shower curtain to provide privacy to the bathing area, and also to prevent the water from flooding into the entire bathroom. Old windows can be installed in the bathroom to provide the purpose of a shower curtain. These are semi-transparent like a real shower curtain, and, provided you give them a coat of waterproof paint, will last for ages. Give a classy, antique look to your bathroom by installing a shower curtain made up of old windows.

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Place it over a showcase

If you have a plain and boring showcase, enhance its outlook by placing an old window pane behind it. Put some nice pieces on the showcase, including some miniature monuments, old clocks, or anything that matches the decor.

Fixing some hanging nails beneath it can make it an even more useful addition. You can hang your keys, hand towels, bracelets and other such things with the nails. This way, it will not only add to the looks of your room, but also give you some space to hang your usable things.

Another idea is to add some mirrors behind it, so you have yourself an original mirror frame you can add to your showcase.


Use it as a headboard behind your bed

A nice DIY headboard can change the entire look and feel of your bedroom. Instead of purchasing an expensive headboard from a local furniture store, you can turn an old window into a visually appealing headboard for your bed. You can make some really amazing headboards with old windows, and no one would be able to guess that you made it out of junk. Some people won’t believe it even if you tell them what you did. Headboards made up of old windows are much sought-after these days.

Build a green house

We have already given you many possibilities for decorative window frames in interior. But what about placing the old window outdoors? A green house made of old windows will not only be a useful addition to your garden, but a blessing for your delicate plants as well. You can make a green house on your own.

You will need a number of windows to make a complete green house. If they are in different colors, you may choose to keep them as they are, or paint them in the color of your choice. The size that you build also depends on how big or small you want your green house to be. You can either buy widows from a nearby flea market, or collect them over time from any nearby constructions or renovations. It will serve not only as a green house, but as garden shed for your tools as well.

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