The best Gemstones to Attract Money

The best Gemstones to Attract Money

If you like to surround yourself with as many elements to be lucky as possible, gemology is for you. That's because certain stones can promote a better physical and mental balance, which can mean the possibility of having better luck to help us take on personal or professional projects while surrounded by the best energy. If you want to know what the best gemstones to attract money are, at oneHOWTO we will explain in detail.

Pyrite, the stone of money and abundance

More than any other gemstone, Pyrite is recognized as the stone of money and abundance. Its resemblance to gold causes many to confuse it with this precious metal and did do so many times during the gold rush, so it has always been linked in some way to wealth. It is a stone that helps improve financial security.

Pyrite is also known to bring good luck at home by helping protect property.

Amethyst, from negative to positive

Amethyst is not always linked to money but to good energy. This gem has the ability to help turn our negative thoughts into positive ones, so we will be clean of negative energies and can attract all the economic prosperity we need and deserve. It is one of the best gemstones for Sagittarius too.

It is always advisable to have this stone close by to cleanse us and help us achieve our goals.

Jade, green like money

Green like money, jade is a very powerful stone and one of the most used by all cultures, especially Eastern ones. This stone is full of properties and one of the most important is its ability to help attract money and prosperity to any business or economic process.

If you have a business or are renting out, you should have a jade stone near the cash register or the place where you keep your money. It will give you and your business that so-wanted balance you need.

Citrine, yellow like gold

Citrine is a stone of protection, however it is also used to attract money because of its intense yellow color reminiscent of gold. It is especially useful for business and sales as it allows us to attract money by helping us visualize it. In fact, it is nicknamed the 'merchant's stone'. This gemstone will be extremely useful for a better relationship between workers.

This gemstone is also known as yellow topaz. It will be extremely useful for Leo and Scorpio and is an amazing lucky charm to attract people that will help you in achieving the fortune you so desire as well as giving you the energy and willpower you need to earn the money by staying on the right track.


Yet another gemstone that attracts money, malachite is not only good for business but will also help you find a better paid job if you're looking for one. This gemstone will get you close to the right people at the right time so you can make your move. This is especially useful if you want to buy a company or want to win at the stock market.


Ruby will attract money yes, but it will come to you in the form of luck. Therefore, use this gemstone when you buy a lottery ticket, when gambling or betting. As it is a gemstone that's also related to love, this gemstone may also help you find a so-called "sugar daddy" or marry someone from a wealthy family.

Tiger's eye

One of the best gemstones for Gemini is also extremely useful to attract money. As its name suggests, this gemstone will help you put your eye on your wishes, by giving you the strength you need to achieve your goals and dreams of great fortune. If you need to gather money to pay out a debt, this gemstone will help you find a solution.

How to use stones to attract money?

There are many rituals with stones to attract money that you can try, but a simple way to attract economic prosperity is by bringing together these rocks and cleaning them and making sure you?re the only one to touch them, then putting them in the place where you keep your money. You can take one with you in your purse or wallet, leave it in a drawer with your money or have one near the cash register of your business.

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