How to Reuse Crates and Wooden Boxes - DIY Decoration

How to Reuse Crates and Wooden Boxes - DIY Decoration

Have you been accumulating wooden boxes and crates at home and do not know what to do with them? Before throwing them out, you can give them a new use and make wonderful creations for your home that you can use in your day to day life. You just need a little imagination and some time to turn your wooden boxes into part of your home.

Stay with us at oneHOWTO and discover our DIY decoration ideas on how to reuse crates and wooden boxes.

DIY coffee table from a box or crate

A spectacular and very practical idea to reuse a wooden box or a crate is to use it to build a DIY coffee table. This way, you'll be able to add furniture to your living or dining room without spending any money, helping the environment and giving a rustic or shabby chic touch to the room.

To make your DIY coffee table bigger, join four wooden boxes and place them together so that you can store things in them. You can sand, distress or varnish the wood, or if you prefer you can paint it any color you like to match the other furniture in the area.


DIY jewelry box from a wooden box

If you love complementing your outfits with necklaces, bracelets, rings, or earrings and have so many accessories that you don't know where to keep them all, you can reuse a wooden box to make your own jewelry box and keep them organised.

You can clean, sand and paint the recycled box, or decorate it however you like. If painting is not your thing, we recommend lining the wooden box with gift wrap or fabric with a nice design. This will make the finished product look incredible.


DIY planter from a crate

Would you like to decorate your garden or terrace in a different and original way? If you're looking for new ideas, just listen to this. You can reuse wooden boxes or crates by making them into beautiful DIY planters for your plants or flowers.

To make your own planter out of a crate or low wooden box, sand the irregular parts of the box you've chosen, varnish the wood, or paint it a color that you like. Don't forget to make drainage holes so that the roots don't rot with accumulated water. Add the soil, some fertilizer and finally plant the flowers or herbs you want. This is a great alternative to the glass bowl if you want to make a DIY succulent terrarium.

It is best to first put mesh inside the wooden box or crate to stop the soil from falling out and, once done, pour in the soil and sow the seeds or transplant the plants you want to put in it.


DIY magazine holder from a wooden box

If the table in your living room or study is always full of magazines, newspapers or books and looks messy, this DIY craft is perfect for you. With a wooden box you can build a practical magazine holder like the one you see in the picture, which can also serve as an extra table for any room in your home.

And, if you add four small wheels to the base, you'll be able to move the magazine holder wherever you want and use it whenever you need it.


DIY bed for your pet from a crate

Your pet needs their own space to sleep and rest, and a great way to reuse wooden boxes or crates is by converting them into a DIY bed - depending on the size of your pet, of course. Just sand the box, paint it if you want to give it a customized look, and place a comfortable cushion inside so your pet can get comfortable.


These are our DIY decoration ideas on how to reuse wooden boxes or crates. What are yours? Tell us in the comments section!

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