Making plant pots

How to paint a plant pot

Mary Smith
By Mary Smith. Updated: January 16, 2017
How to paint a plant pot

Have you ever thought that that pretty plant pots would make your plants look even better? More and more crafts enthusiasts are deciding to decorate their plant pots to show a touch of personality. Painting a plant pot is a quick and simple practice that both children and adults can do and they can make a great gift, as most people love plants.

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Steps to follow:


Get a plastic pot or buy a ceramic pot in a market or garden centre. You probably have loads of plastic pots which plants come in when you buy them. Give them to your children to decorate.


If you are going to paint a ceramic pot the first thing you should do is to plug the clay pores so that moisture does not damage the paint.

How to paint a plant pot - Step 2

You can do this by applying a layer of shellac varnish for exteriors or well diluted white glue.


Use medium sized brushes. If you use acrylic paint or tempera and you're going to put the pot outdoors, you must then apply a protective layer of varnish.

How to paint a plant pot - Step 4

Alternatively use enamel paint for exteriors, which is made to withstand the weather and humidity.


Paint the pot to your liking. You can paint stripes, polka-dots, or like a Greek vase. You can also decorate with floral themes. Unleash your imagination!


To give a decorative touch you can write the name or the etymological origin of the plants to be grown inside each pot: celery, pothos, etc...


You can also glue shells or pebbles around the pot to create textures.


If you need to give it a protective layer of varnish, apply it when the paint is completely dry.


Make sure the pot is dry and aerated before putting any soil or plants in it.

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  • If you have a cactus collection or a collection of small pots, you can paint them creating a gradient between them.
  • If you are more daring, you can paint them in a Mexican style with intense colours and distribute them around the house or place them lined-up against the window.
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How to paint a plant pot