How to Make Your Own Acrylic Paint at Home

How to Make Your Own Acrylic Paint at Home

Did you know you can make your own acrylic paint? Have you ever run out of paint in the middle of painting something? Acrylic paint is normally the most used kind of paint in many hand crafts due to its characteristics. It dries easily, it's water resistant and it has plasticizied material. Most homes are painted with acrylic, and it is also very common for children's crafts. Gouache is the material from which we can make acrylic paint at home. Today, on OneHowTo we will discover how to make your own acrylic paint at home.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

First of all, get a glass and pour as many gouache as you'll be needing.


Next, add 1/4 of white craft glue in the glass. Remember you can make your own glue at home too.


Mix it well wih a paint brush until the gouach and white glue are blended completely. Do this step properly as it's very important if you want to get good homemade acrylic paint.


Take into account that the acrylic paint will be ready when the white glue has totally disappeared and the mix is completely homogenous.


Once you make your own acrylic paint, you can use it on a variety of crafts, such as:

  • Homemade musical instruments
  • Toys with recycled material
  • Crafts with home waste

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  • Make sure you mix the gouache well with the white glue. You'll know it's properly mixed when you can't see any of the white glue.