How To Make Wine Cork Planters

How To Make Wine Cork Planters

An original way to decorate the walls of your house is to make tiny plant pots. It may seem impossible but they are made from the corks of wine or champagne bottles you've used. Read this article carefully and look at the attached images to learn how to make wine cork planters to decorate the walls of your house.

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The first thing we should take into account when we want to make wine cork planters from wine that you have drunk is to try and use ones from recently opened bottles. This way you'll make sure the corks still have moist, making it easier for you to carve.


Get a Swiss Army knife or a knife with similar characteristics . You'll use it to make the hole where the plant will go.


Make one hole 0.8 cm (0.20 in approx) in diameter and about 2 centimetres (0.75 in) deep. This space is where the little plant will go.


Once you have carved your planters, with some strong glue, stick one part of a magnet on the cork. This magnet is what is going to hold the plant pot to the wall. If your chosen magnet is too big for the cork, you should cut it down to the size of the cork with a cutter so it's not visible on the wall.


Let it dry for at least 3 hours to make sure the magnet is well stuck to the cork and then afterwards you can continue with the next step.


Fill the corks with good soil. You can buy some in any garden center. The soil should be fertilized so the plant will live longer. Make sure you fill it to the top. If you are planning to grow the plants from scratch, add the seed when the cork is half full.

If you want to use a plant that has already grown, put the plant's roots in the cork and fill with the soil to the top.


Once this is done you'll only have to stick the other part of the magnet on the wall and you're ready to hang these original tiny pots on the wall, on the fridge or anywhere else in your home.

To start with you will have to pour some drops of water. These plants won't need much care, but you should give them some water every now and then.


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