How to Make Simple Flowers with Paper Step by Step

How to Make Simple Flowers with Paper Step by Step

Flowers are a widely-used, decorative element, especially in Spring. Spring is the time when flowers burst into bloom and everything seems much nicer. At this time, many people want to add a different touch to their homes. Therefore, in this oneHOWTO article we show you how to make easy flowers with paper step by step. These can be used to decorate the walls of any room or to add precious detail when wrapping a delightful gift.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step to make simple flowers with paper is to draw on colored card the petals of a flower. To make it easier, draw the center of the flower with a very weak pencil and then make the petals. On another card of a different color, draw the center of the flower.


Cut out the outline of the flower and the center.


Turn the flower over so you will not see the pencil mark.


Apply your glue stick to the central part of the flower and paste in the middle.


That's it! You now have an easy flower made of card. You can use these flowers to decorate your home, your wardrobe or to even wrap your gifts in Spring. These flowers are ideal for decorations in schools or even at home in spring time.


Now you've seen how easy it is to make this simple paper flower craft, you may want to move on to more advanced ideas. Take a look at how to make a flower out of recycled plastic bottles if you want to make crafts with waste material.

You can also go for three dimensional flowers. This is a simple 3D paper flower which you can actually add a stem on. If you're feeling highly crafty, take a look at how to make a 5 petal origami flower.


Paper is a versatile material for making crafts. You can make a pyramid, a cube, a cylinder, etc.

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  • If you want your flower to have symmetrical petals, fold a piece of paper into 4, draw one petal on the folded corner and cut, this way, when you unfold it, you'll have four symmetrical petals that will look exactly the same. Just make sure you draw the petal on the right corner of the paper or when you cut it, the petals will fall apart.