How to Make Rangoli Powder at Home

How to Make Rangoli Powder at Home

A Rangoli is a traditional Indian design painted with sand usually during Diwali and other festivities. Mostly painted on floors outside and inside the homes, Rangoli may be made in a variety of sizes and designs. In addition to adding a classical touch to your house, making a Rangoli can be a great fun activity to enjoy with your kids too. They can use their creativity to make beautiful designs on floor with Rangoli powder. Making Rangoli powder at home is easy and safe. You can use chemical-free ingredients to keep the Rangoli powder safe for the skin. This article will tell you how to make rangoli powder at home.

Steps to follow:

Yellow Rangoli powder can be created by mixing turmeric powder with all-purpose flour or rice flour. Chickpea flour or besan can also be used if you want a pale tint of yellow color. Mix a ratio of 1:2 to get the perfect mixture.


Vermilion or sindoor may be used to make red Rangoli designs. You may also dry and grind pomegranate peels or carrots to get beautiful color shades of orange and red. Red color can also be obtained from dried and ground Hibiscus flowers. You may use rose petals to get pink or red color for your Rangoli. Dry rose petals and grind them in a mixer to get the color of your choice.


Orange color sindoor can also be bought to get orange color. Orange color Rangoli powder can also be obtained from orange peels. Dry those peels and grind them to get the color powder. Marigold petals may be dried and ground to get a vibrant orange color Rangoli powder.


You can make beautiful magenta color by using beetroot. Peel the beetroot, grind it to make a paste, and then mix it with all-purpose flour.


For green color Rangoli powder, you can take some herbs or green leafy vegetables like spinach, coriander, mint or fenugreek, dry them and grind them to get different shades of green color.


Indigo or lavender flowers can be dried and ground to make beautiful blues.


Brown color can be made by grinding spices like cinnamon.


If you are giving a white outline to your Rangoli designs, you can use finely grind rice powder for the purpose. You can compliment it with red brick paste to make it look more beautiful. Instead of rice flour, you may also use chalk or white stone powder which is easier to apply and give a well finished and brighter look to your Rangoli. You may also use a combination of rice flour and white stone powder.


You may dip rice in the color of your choice to get colored rice that will look beautiful when decorated on a Rangoli. Place some earthen lamps on your Rangoli and illuminate them to enhance the charisma of your Rangoli. Some people also place idols of Gods and Goddesses in the center of their Rangoli design to add to its beauty.


You can make Rangoli in a number of designs and patterns. Traditional designs are those of peacocks, tridents, snakes, fishes, flowers etc., but you can go for some contemporary designs as well, which may include some geometrical designs or abstract art. The key is to make the design beautifully and use the right combination of colors to enhance the beauty of the Rangoli design. If you want to make an even more elaborate piece, take a look at How To Make Rangoli On Water With Powder.

It will look amazing!

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