How to Make PVC Pipe Bracelets

How to Make PVC Pipe Bracelets

These PVC bracelets are easy and cheap to make. Basically, you need PVC tubes of approximately 5 centimeters in width. You can also use tubes that are wider to adjust the bracelets to the size you want. You also need lots of buttons to embellish the bracelet. Follow this step by step guide if you want to know how to make PVC pipe bracelets.

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You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Use a heat-resistant container for this first process to make PVC pipe bracelets. Add water to the container until you pass the width of the bracelet. Put it in the microwave to boil. Cut the bracelet and immerse it in boiling water so it starts to expand.


Use gloves to pick up the bracelet and shape it in the size you want and then quickly immerse it in cold water. Remove the bracelet from the water and file it well. Mix the putty with the glue and apply the texture onto the bracelet.


Paint with black and leave it to dry. Then, apply gold paint to give it an antique look, you can also use spray paint for this if you prefer. Find a button that suits a bracelet. Cut off any fixture on the back of the button and leave it smooth.


Mark the location of the holes in a leftover piece of PVC and then use this to drill the bracelet in the right place. Apply hot glue and quickly paste on the button.


Your DIY PVC bracelet is complete, you are now ready to enjoy this magnificent PVC plastic bracelet and be the envy of your friends. It is also a craft activity that is very entertaining to do.

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