How to Make Plasticine Crafts: Easy Rose

How to Make Plasticine Crafts: Easy Rose

Do you want to learn how to make a truly original rose? With just a little plasticine in different colors you'll be able to make this beautiful flower, an ideal gift for a parent or a friend. If you have ten minutes to spare and love to make art hands-on, get to work! Learn a new craft technique right now and give a wonderful surprise to your nearest and dearest.

Keep reading this OneHowTo article where we'll show you how to make plasticine crafts - this time, a rose - easily and step by step.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

If you want to make this easy plasticine craft, start by gathering the materials in the list. Get the wooden stick and wrap it with green plasticine. Take a look at pictures of real roses online and choose your favorite shade of green. Of course, you can get creative and make fantasy roses of any color!

In this way, you'll have created the stem of your plasticine rose.


Then, take some red or pink plasticine - or, again, any color that you prefer - and roll it into a little ball. Use your hands to form the shape that you want and try to keep it compact and hard, so it won't break at the first opportunity.


Once you have the ball ready, press it with a finger to make a small hole in the ball and give it the shape of a pot. This will be your flower!


Then, do the same with yellow plasticine. Roll it into a small ball and squeeze it to ensure that it is compact. There's no need to make a hole in it, though.


The next step to make this easy plasticine craft consists of taking the yellow ball from the previous step and, with the help of a flat tool, flatten it as if it were cake dough. You can use a rolling pin or a flat object if you wish to keep the clay as thin and smooth as possible.


Then draw a little heart in it. To achieve this, you can use a pencil or pen. When the heart is ready, cut it out with the help of scissors - try to stay within the lines.


The next step is to glue the yellow heart onto the ball of red plasticine. Make the top of the red ball look like the petals of a rose. You can easily do this with the pad of your fingertips.


The last step is to paste the long green stem onto the red flower. There you have it! Now you can surprise your parents or your friends with a special gift made with your own hands: a beautiful plasticine rose. They will be amazed!

If you know how to make plasticine crafts and have more ideas, please tell us in the comments section!

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