How To Make Pasta Decorations - Table Centerpiece

How To Make Pasta Decorations - Table Centerpiece

You do not know how to decorate the table? Do you want some original direction? Here you have the solution! On OneHowTo, we teach you how to make pasta decorations you can use as a table centerpiece to decorate. It is an easy craft and the result will blow you away. You can create different decorative balls with pasta just changing the color of the ball. So you can form a set of decorative balls to create a spectacular centerpiece.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step to make this pasta decoration is to put the polystyrene ball on a secure surface such as a plant pot so it doesn't roll over. Once the ball is secure, glue on the polystyrene ball and glue on the pasta. Make sure you fill in all the gaps but make sure you have enough space to paint them later on.


When you have all the pasta pieces stuck onto the polystyrene ball leave it to stand for a long time so the glue can completely stick together and so the pasta does not move when being painted.


The next step is to paint the decorative ball of pasta with the color of your choice, we have decided to go for dark blue. For this first layer, paint the insides of the flowers, leaving the tips without painting.


Once you have painted the first layer and it has dried out, only paint on the tip of the pasta from above, with a lighter colored than before. In this way you will give it a much more colorful and creative look.

Leave the second layer to dry and you now have a beautiful pasta centerpiece. Let us know if you have any more creative idea to make pasta decorations!


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  • Paint the decorative ball of pasta with a dark colour and then paint the edges of the ball with gold paint. So you form a fabulous and original effect.