How To Make Musical Instruments At Home

How To Make Musical Instruments At Home

Music is a magical discovery for young children. It's something which we as humans respond to innately. From a very young age kids will bang their spoon on sippy cups, shake rattles or even make singing noises. For some this can lead to a fulfilling life of musical exploration. For others, it might just be as simple as teaching motor skills and reactions. A great way to encourage musical interests, develop skills and have a great time with your kids is by making your own musical instruments. If you read this oneHOWTO article on how to make musical instruments at home you'll find that making these musical instruments with your kids will be as much fun as they have playing with them.

Steps to follow:

The guitar is probably the most admired musical instrument by kids. It's easy to make with a simple cardboard box and elastic bands. You just need to make small holes on two sides of the cardboard box and stick the elastic bands in them. This way you'll create the hollow body of the guitar. If you wish, you can add a long object to make it look like the guitar bridge and they can try to make different pitches.


Maracas are an easy musical instrument to make at home. To make one, all you need is a small plastic bottle and some pulses. The more varied the better. When you have them in the bottle and shake, you'll get hear a musical effect. It's a great way for kids to find their rhythm. If you like, you can paint the bottle to attract the child's attention. As kids are naturally attracted to bright colors. You could even put colored pebbles in there like you find at the bottom of fish tanks.


The xylophone is another fun musical instrument to make at home and it's easier than you'd think. First you need to get several glass bottles. Fill them with water, each with different quantities. If you want to add a splash of paint in each bottle, it will have a more fun effect. Place them together and use metal and wooden spoons to play them. Each bottle will have its own musical note and you can experiment with trying to create simple melodies. Always play this one supervised. There is little risk for young children breaking the glass by hitting it, but they could knock them over.


The drums can be made using boxes made of different material: wood, cardboard, tin and plastic. Stick them together with sticky-tape or glue, depending on the material you have used, and your child will be able to play the drums with metal or wooden cutlery to get different sounds. If you're using glue or super-glue, it's best to stick the pieces yourself.

Another way of creating a drum that will actually work is a balloon drum. Take a look at how to make a drum out of balloons to read the step by step guide.


The tambourine is another homemade easy-to-make musical instrument, but in this case children must be helped by an adult. To make it you'll need bottle tops, wire and a round object. A good idea is cardboard tubes or plastic bottles. Get the bottle or tube and cut out two circles. Now, make two holes in the center of all the bottle caps. When you're done, you should get the caps in twos. Match them to the holes and pull the wire through the holes to fasten them to the circular shape. Secure them by wrapping in vinyl tape. Leave a couple of inches of separation between each circle.


A real didgeridoo is very hard to play, but this didgeridoo for kids couldn't be an easier musical instrument to make at home. Simply get a large poster tube and take the plastic lids off each end. Wrap some vinyl tape around the end as this will stop the tube from damaging your lips. If you can make the hole a little smaller, this might work well. Didgeridoos are very important to aboriginal communities in Australia. You can do some research with your child (dependent on age) and learn about this fascinating culture. You can also try to replicate some traditional designs by painting directly onto the poster tube.


These pan pipes will not make a big noise even if you have got the blowing technique down. Still, they are a fun and easy way to make a little noise and have a lot of laughs. Simply get a pack of straws, the wider the better. You can get ones from many fast food restaurants which are often quite wide. Simply line up about 10 straws. Keep one full size, then cut about a half inch from thew next one. Cut another half inch from each subsequent straw until you are at the last one. Lay them on top of some sticky tape and wrap the tape around so that they stay in place.


Vuvuzelas are great fun. They are a musical instrument you can make at home which doesn't take a lot of effort or a lot of skill to use. Made particularly popular during the 2010 world cup, you can make your own by taking a kitchen roll cardboard tube and cutting down one side lengthwise. Fold one end smaller than the other so that you make a cone shape. Use vinyl tape and wrap a lot around the small end to use as the blower. On the other end attach a plastic cup with the bottom cut off. This will create a trumpet bell sound which will make the homemade musical instrument for kids even louder. These will be a lot of fun, but bear in mind it might drive you insane if your kids play this musical instrument too much.


You can customize your instruments by painting them in different colors and decorating them as you like. Each kid can put their own personal stamp on them.

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  • Constant adult supervision is recommendable.