How to Make Little Minions Boxes

How to Make Little Minions Boxes

Want to make Minion crafts? If you're a big fan of these small yellow characters, you will love to make endless Minion-shaped objects. If this is the case, this box is built with cardboard tubes and EVA foam. Interested? The answer is probably yes, so go ahead and follow our OneHowTo step-by-step guide where we show you How to make little Minion boxes.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first step is to cut the cardboard tube to the size you want to make the little Minion-shaped box. So, if it's a kitchen roll tube, you can make several Minions out of it, whereas a toilet paper roll will only make one.

Whichever roll you use, divide the tube into two parts to separate what will be the base from the lid of the box. To do this, draw a line in pencil just above the halfway point of the cardboard tube. Then, using a box cutter or scissors (if you are working with children, do this step yourself), cut along this line so that the tube is now divided into two parts: one larger than the other.


Next start cut out a piece of yellow EVA foam so that is big enough to wrap around both pieces of cardboard tube. However, when gluing the foam on, the foam around the lid should overlap onto the base of the box, while the foam on the bottom part should be shorter than the tube (see picture). This is to make sure that the lid locks into the base perfectly.


When gluing the foam onto the cardboard to cover the tube to turn it into the Minion's body. You can use a hot or cold glue gun or even super glue, whichever you prefer. If you are working with children, you should supervise this step or do it yourself, so that they don't hurt themselves or get glue on their fingers.


In the same way, it will be important to cover the ends of Minion-shaped box with EVA foam or else everything you put inside will fall out. The easiest way to do this is put glue around the edge of the tube and put a piece of yellow foam across it, stick it on and then cut the excess EVA foam off using scissors or a box cutter (if working with children, do this step yourself).


The next step is to make the Minion clothes and other accessories. To do this, draw the overalls that the Minions wear on some blue EVA foam. To do this, draw a shape similar to the one in the picture below; if you want, you can print it and use it as a template. Once you have cut it out, draw details such as the pockets and seams with a black marker pen on the foam clothing. You can also cut another small piece of blue EVA foam for the centre pocket of the outfit of our endearing character.


Next, use the glue gun or super glue again to paste the clothes to the Minion's body. We recommend that you start with the wider part, i.e. the bit that will become their trousers and then finish with the straps, which should be in line with the edge of the yellow foam.


Now it's time to make the Minion's eye or eyes, depending on which of the Despicable Me film characters you're making. To do this, you need white, black and grey EVA foam. Draw:

  • A small circle (or two) on the black foam for the iris of the eye.
  • A medium circle (or two) on the white foam for the main part of the eye.
  • A large circle (or two) on the grey foam with the middle cut out for the goggles.
  • A long strip on the black foam for the goggle strap.

After this, cut these shapes out (if working with children, do this step yourself) and build the eye by sticking them around the head of Minion as shown in the picture below, again using the glue gun or super glue.


And you're done! Now you have a Minion-shaped box made out of cardboard tubes, a very simple and fun craft that everyone will love!

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