How to Make Glasses out of Beer Bottles

How to Make Glasses out of Beer Bottles

One of the sexiest logos in the beer world has to be Corona beer. Transforming these beer bottles into drinking glasses is possible, you just need to follow our instructions. Be careful when doing it as you'll need to work with fire to cut the bottle.

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

The first thing you need to do is get all the objects you need to do these original glasses. To do them you need:

  • Wool string
  • Nail polish
  • Corona bottle
  • Water
  • Ice cubes
  • Scissors
  • Kitchen lighter
  • Sand paper
  • Gloves

Fill your kitchen sink with cold water and ice. The process of cutting glass will be done on cold water.


Now, get the bottle of Corona and make sure it's empty, clean and dry (you can also use other beer bottles, wine bottles, alcohol bottles, coca cola bottles...)

Any bottle will work as long as it is empty and made of glass.


You must get the wool string and wrap it around the bottle strongly five or six times (make sure it's tight). Wrap the string in the area where you want the bottle to be cut to make the glass.


After, take the wool string and soak it in nail polish. To do so, you can put the nail polish in a glass and then soak the wool in it. Once the wool string is completely soaked you can put it back on the bottle where it was previously.


Now is the moment when you'll be cutting the bottle. Be careful because this part can be quite complicated. First of all you should put on gloves, to avoid any burns or cuts.

Fill your kitchen sink with water and ice and do all this procedure on top of the sink. Get the beer bottle by the neck and hold a kitchen lighter on the other hand. It is important that you use a kitchen lighter since these have a longer neck. Do not use a normal lighter or you could burn.

When you have everything ready light the wool string.


Let the fire burn the woollen string. It might be scarey at first but don't worry about the fire, you must let it burn until the bottle breaks in two halves.


After the fire has warn out, quickly put the bottle in the cold water and you'll se how the bottle immediately breaks in half in the place where you've put the string.


You can outline the top of the glass, as this area where we're going to drink from may be a bit chipped.

Scrub this part with sand paper to clean the glass' impurities and that's it! you have your glass made with a Corona beer bottle.

scrub some sand paper to clean the glass' impurities. And that's it! You have your glass from a beer bottle.

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