How To Make Crafts With Coffee Pods

How To Make Crafts With Coffee Pods

Do you want to take full advantage of your coffee capsules? The coffee you drink every day has never been so creative, as now you can keep the capsules and create such varied items as jewellery, decorative items for Christmas and Halloween or even an original wall clock. Want to know how? Keep reading this article OneHowTo article to find out how to make crafts with coffee pods in an easy and fun way.

Rings with coffee capsules

We begin with the first craft of all: making rings with coffee pods. In a few steps you get to create pieces of jewelry as original as you can see in the picture. You just need a ring (which can be purchased at any craft store, glue and a capsule in whichever color you like).

To make this, you must follow these steps:

  • 1: Clean the pods so that they are free from any coffee grounds.
  • 2: Crush the pod by hitting it with an object or just by standing on it.
  • 3: On the back of the pod (i.e., inside of it) you will have to add permanent adhesive or glue.
  • 4: Immediately afterwards, you'll have to stick the hoop of ring to the pod with super glue and let it dry.

Earrings and necklaces with coffee pods

In addition to rings, with coffee pods you can also create other pieces of jewelry such as earrings or necklaces. The materials you need are very simple as you only have to go to a craft store to get some basic earrings or string for necklaces, just like with the rings. Then choose the color pod that you like most and start with your creation by following these steps:

1: Clean the coffee pod to remove any dirt.

2: Step on it forcefully to bend it and it will take on the appearance that we're after.

3: To make the earrings you have to put the fastener on top of the pod and glue it in place. If you want, you can also make a small hole in the capsule, put a ring in and put the fastener here to hold it better.

4: To make necklaces you'll have to make a small hole in the top, put the ring in and then pass the rope or chain through the hole. If you want to join two pods to make a nicer design, you just have to tie them up with a ring.


Decorative pots with coffee pods

Now we will show you a fun craft with coffee pods which it is perfect to decorate any corner of your house or to make with your children. It is to turn these pods into miniature pots that are perfect to decorate a desk or put on a balcony. You will need rocks, plants (real or plastic, as you like), and any decorative element that you think might fit.

To make this craft you have to take the coffee pod, clean well inside and fill it with different elements. As you can see, it is very easy and quick to make and also allows you to unleash your creativity.


Original Sandals

And if you have some boring and simple sandals, you can make them much more elegant and original with coffee pods. To make some similar to those shown in the picture you need thread, a needle, glue, scissors, a sequin (to cover the thread) and obviously coffee pods in the color you want.

To make this craft you have to follow these steps:

1: Thoroughly clean the pods so that there is no coffee residue.

2: Crush it with your foot to deform it and give the necessary touch.

3: We will make two small holes in the center of the pod and, from there, sew the sandal with the help of a needle (how to sew is the same as when we sew a button).

4: To camouflage that it's sewn, it is best to stick a sequin in the centre with some glue.


Original wall clock

In this OneHowTo article we talked about how to make an original clock and now we will give you an idea of how to decorate a clock with coffee capsules getting a very visual and fun result. In this craft we have chosen a clock made with a vinyl but you can choose whichever one you want as the capsules symbolize the numbers of hours.

So you just have to choose 12 capsules (if you want a watch with every hour or 4 if you only want to indicate each quarter) and decide if you want to use the same colour or, as in the image, different colours. Then you just have to clean them and crush them and, with the help of some glue, stick them into the corresponding areas. And presto!


Christmas Crafts

The coffee pods can also be reused during the holiday season, turning them into original bells that are ideal for hanging on the Christmas tree. To make this craft you will need 2 capsules of gold or silver, scissors, a small rope and a red tie.

Let's tell you how to do it step by step:

  • 1: We clean up the capsules to avoid having leftover coffee.
  • 2: We will make a hole in the top of the pod with the help of scissors. We will do this in the inside to prevent breakage.
  • 3: Through this hole we will have to thread a thin rope that will be used to hang the bells on the tree.
  • 4: So it looks more Christmassy, we will tie a bow with red ribbon, knotting the cord.

Halloween Crafts

Next we will discover two crafts made with coffee pods that are perfect for decorating your home at Halloween.

  • Coffee pod bats

We'll have to clean the pod and then crush it with your foot to deform it. Then you have to make bat wings from black cardboard, cut them out and glue them on the back of the pod (you can stick it on with glue or tape). If you want to hang them, you have to make a small hole in the top of the capsule and thread through some thin string or thread.

  • Coffee pod pumpkins

To make this craft we have to use orange pods. Once you have them, you have to clean them and crush them with your foot. If you want to hang them up, we will have to make a hole at the top and thread some string through. We can draw the pumpkin leaves on green cardboard, cut them out and stick them above. Finally, we just have to draw a face on our pumpkin and it's ready!

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