How To Make Candles Out Of Bottle Caps

How To Make Candles Out Of Bottle Caps

This is another way of making homemade candles, inside bottle caps that can be recycled for this project or purchased at a craft shop.

There are some caps that have a rubber seal on the inside. Remove the rubber and wash each one with warm water and soap.

You will also need candle wax or paraffin. You'll also need a packet of wicks, but you can easily find a tutorial on how to make candle wicks on this site. Do not worry about the length of the wick, as you can cut it down at any time.

Now, down to business, as OneHowTo shows you how to make candles out of bottle caps.

Steps to follow:

Line the caps up and get ready to put the wax in. Try to use only undamaged caps. If the cap is dented or bent, do not use it for this project because the wax may leak through the sides.


First of all, place a wick in the center of each bottle cap. Burn some wax and let one drop fall in the center of the cap in order to attach the wick to it.


Next, you'll need to place the wax in a small pot or can.


Fill another larger pot to the brim with water. Make sure the smaller can containing the wax can fit inside the larger pot, with room to spare. Boil the water and then put the can with wax inside the larger pot. Let the wax melt slowly until it has a liquid consistency.


Pour the melted wax into the bottle caps. Fill each cap to the top. Get someone to help you hold the wick upright while you pour in the wax. You can do it alone but it's easier with a helping hand.


Let the wax harden for a few hours. Although the wax solidifies quickly, do not move the candle until it is completely cool. Trim the wick to the desired length before using the candle. A wick that's too long can create flames that are larger than necessary. If the wick is too short, you might make a hole in the center of the candle.


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