How to make an origami Dove

How to make an origami Dove

Did you know that origami brings calm, patience and endurance to those who practice it? This has been accepted for thousands of years by the Japanese people, the creators of this art known as origami. If you are learning origami and are already beginning to make hundreds of creations, you'll surely be interested to learn how to make a dove . If you do not know how, from we'll teach you with pictures. Read on!

You'll need:
Steps to follow:

Fold the paper diagonally to start creating your dove.


Fold the whole left side over to the right, more or less from the dotted line shown in the picture.


Do you see the dotted line in the image? Separate part of the triangle. That's perfect! Fold this piece it to the left.


Fold the origami in half, as shown in the picture.


Fold the flaps backwards, at the angle shown.


Having trouble seeing this shape? Turn your origami dove upside down!


Lower the dove wings downwards and tuck the small triangle inward.


Now you have completed your origami dove! How did it turn out?


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